Drivers Catalyst 12.2: pre-certified download version

AMD has to deliver a new version of its Catalyst graphics drivers. Stamped 12.2, there is a pré-certifiée version. Not all to be finalized, but almost.

And as could be in doubt, it's especially to ensure full support of solutions Radeon HD 7950 / HD 7970 launched last January, but also solutions Radeon HD 7750 / HD 7770 freshly unveiled - and having already made some tests also.

Note however that this support is valid under Windows Vista and Windows 7 environments. For Windows XP, need to wait until the release of a numbered version 12.4, until next April so.

Radeon HD 7750 Radeon HD 7770
The Radeon HD 7750 / HD 7770 (click to enlarge)

AMD Radeon HD 7950
The Radeon HD 7950 (click to enlarge)

But it is not since it is also question of support of Super Sample Anti-Aliasing and Adaptive Anti-Aliasing technology for applications DirectX 10 and DirectX 11. They are activated with the new Radeon HD 7000, including Radeon HD 77 x 0 solutions / Radeon HD 79 x 0.

Are also mentioned improvements for Eyefinitymultimonitor technology, with: the automatic adaptation of the display in the connecting or disconnecting one of the monitors. the possibility of customizing for the display of the task bar; and the possibility to complete the list of profiles with custom profiles.

Download AMD Catalyst 12.2 drivers


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