pirated eBooks: a closed hub

A huge pirate bookshop has closed by justice. Its directors will be judged.


The successors of the book market continue to battle against the pirated eBooks with the large wave of purchases of the end of year 2011 electronic lights, are increasingly traded and downloaded. Thus, we learn that an international coalition of publishers just to obtain the closure of sites library.nu and ifile.it at the end of seven months of investigation.

The first of these sites is accused of having made available more than 400,000 pirated digital books in relying on the hosting of the second (ifile.it offering also movies, music and video games). These two sites were installed in Ireland, but dismantling was difficult for the authorities because their administrators were hidden behind the name of real companies, regularly changing identity.

The complaint and indictment report are 8 million euros per year generated by the piracy of digital books on this platform. It does not lack for publishers, which would be more important, but to the amounts generated by ads, premium subscriptions and even donations, library.nu as a completely legal virtual library by encouraging its users to participate in its development.

The administrators of these sites are recognized to have them available even to illegal files, and therefore will not hide the Court behind a simple role of aggregator or image hosting. Thus, they will be prosecuted for breach of copyright.


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