The washing machine of tomorrow: speed supersonic anti-tâches

That sounds like the mother Denis by discovering this new concept of machine washing? New technologies interfere in all areas of life: medicine, communications, work, the car but also in which closely affects household tasks. Designer Elie Ahovi probably has a passion for domestic appliances and in a distant future, bring a new revolution in laundry.

The Orbit, created with his hands, has more nothing to do with the current drum. This "machine" to very conceptual design, usera more laundry and water. But carbon dioxide and a magnet for levitation. The principle is to work the carbon, and send it to a supersonic speed through the clothing. Then comes a chemical reaction between the spot and the CO2 to separate the various traces of the tissues. These dirt are then vacuumed, the carbon becomes solid and you can remove your clothes of the apparatus, the latter coming out clean and dry.

Elie Ahovi Orbit (1)

The main interest of this Orbit is do not use detergent or water and should be in line with the environment. Only, this is the technique of washing in itself that requires significant energy resources. Much therefore still way to make to optimize such an apparatus and the move of the domain of the dream to reality.

Elie Ahovi Orbit (3) Elie Ahovi Orbit (2)


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