Digital planning: the Senate says Yes to the very high speed for all

A bill passed by the Senate proposes to redefine the rules of digital planning. The text, which notes the ineffectiveness of the digital plan of the Government, wants to address.

Filed by Senators Hervé Maurey (centrist Union) and Philippe Leroy (UMP), the proposal to digital land planning legislation was adopted in the Senate yesterday following the vote of the left and centre, and this despite the failure of the Communists and of a majority of the elected UMP. This text provides a departmental digital development plan which includes means of modern communication (broadband, fibre optic and mobile) by making mandatory territorial guiding patterns of land-use planning. This is a redefinition of the criteria for coverage of 2 G and 3 G technologies in addressing the requirements of quality, a duty to cover the grey areas and the pooling of the high points for the installation of the 4 G antennas.

Also, by advocating the very high speed for all, this Bill promises to put an end to the absence of specific rules that leave all latitudes to the non-productive agreements. "We have a system that focuses on expressions of interest." Once an operator said its interest, it may associate with one of its competitors, decide on their side, this is similar to an agreement. Above all, it is subject to no constraints, no timetable. As the statements of the operators have no legal value, there is no sanction in case of non-compliance. "And during this time, local initiatives through the CSPs (public service delegations) are frozen" explains Philippe Leroy.

For Hervé Maurey, redefine the rules is essential while it considers the deployment plan of the fiber of the Government as a failure. According to him, taken branch will never achieve the objectives of fixed connections. What also points out Philippe Leroy by stating: "It is to apply rules in a system where there is not and to make compulsory patterns of land-use planning at the departmental level to achieve an objective coverage of households end 2025 all".

The FFT (French Federation of telecoms) denounced this text in fearing a global challenge to the financial and regulatory framework. France Telecom j. this dangerous proposal, then the Minister Eric Besson said: "You won't not the digital economy against the operators." "Your text is a gas plant". However, as rightly noted the preparation of ZDNet, it was not clear how the Government will keep its commitments to cover on the very high speed with the plan put in place, largely funded by the large loan. Our colleague is even a quick calculation to arrive at the conclusion that there is still EUR 660 million to find a year to develop this deployment. And as noted by Hervé Maurey, "the account isn't there".


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