Electrical outlet intelligent to control consumption

If mobile devices grow and users are increasingly equipped with, they also require greater power consumption. Nomadic devices requires, they are often accompanied by their charger in order to contribute to them anywhere, anytime. But at a time when a penny is a penny, all is not necessarily a very good look you ponctionnez them a little of their electricity.

This is the case in public places, the common spaces, which face, more and more, these users for a recharging terminal, their charger in hand. Pay for others is less and less tolerated, especially when the invoices is dramatically allourdissent. For those, there, for those who suffer, Sony has thought of them and is currently working on a project of new outlet.

Sony prise de courant intelligente

Smart, it would identify a device and its user and judge his personal use of power on a collective network. A good idea that would now allow everyone to pay what it consumes and to impose an expenditure to a third party. A chip would be introduced in the ambout of the electric cable, connected to a drive associated with the outlet used. The data are sent to a central system that evaluates its consumption and making history.

More or less good news for users who must perform their own invoice. But the outlet by Sony does not stop to this simple use and may obtain you money, save you. This system of recognition of devices may, in the future, assess the activity of your equipment and automatically put to sleep if they are not in use. Also complete outages pop-up when you get all your devices at the same time, making then Manager uses priorities.

This is still only a prototype, but Sony has learned the lessons of the last nuclear disaster. The risk of shortages of current after the closures of Japanese plants grows constructors find solutions to better manage their electricity consumption and not wasting energy.


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