Print OLED screens, it is possible!

A funny ink jet print head which is not thought to print holiday photos, but file with thin layers of materials...

Konica Minolta tete impression MEMS OLED

The first print head ink jet thought to manufacture electronic products was made by Konica Minolta. Under reference KM128SNG-MB, it can be especially used for the manufacture of OLED screens. Tom's Hardware quickly explains the process. A classic print head is a kind of micro-fluidic MEMS, that uses resistance to push a liquid through the ejection nozzle. The idea behind this new print head is to use this same mechanism to file the organic layers of OLED screens.

Konica Minolta said being the first to market such a product, even if some of its competitors are working on similar projects, such as Epson which are addressed since 2006. It offers the possibility to work with drops very small, 1 as small as picoliter, such as conventional inkjet printers. This print head is composed of 128 spaced printing nozzles of 300 µm, giving a 38 mm printing surface. The layer deposited by this head would be 100 nm thick. If for the moment talking about the manufacturing of OLED screens, some believe that it is possible to create antennas with the same process...


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