€800 the music server: undisturbed PC think the rich

Add to your living room a device solely dedicated to the music capable of scanning your CD for self-government in sum of €800...

Undisturbed, British manufacturer of PC Home Cinema quiet, aesthetic, presents its "music archiving server". Housing end and sober, that hides a system capable of operating independently on the network home for it in music. It has a drive slot-in disk, a hard disk with a capacity of storage 1 To and runs under Fedora, the Linux distribution.

Tranquil Skinny Ripper (2)

By inserting a CD in the Skinny Ripper - This is his name-, the archiving process is automated. The system will immediately consult databases online to add the right tags to audio tracks digitized format selected by the user (MP3, FLAC, etc). Of course, the Skinny Ripper can then stream the contents of his hard drive via the Subsonic application provided with, to the LAN via the DLNA protocol clients, but also to the outside Internet.

Tranquil Skinny Ripper (1)

Only ported to the music, this box is reserved for the wealthy because the undisturbed Skinny Ripper is sold £ 665, approximately €800! It has beautiful Act Server iTunes, Samba or Sonos, assembled in a chassis aluminium base and integrating an Intel dual-core 1.8 GHz processor, it's very expensive...


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