SanDisk: two SSD SATA III top of range

SanDisk starts in the middle of the SSD offering to its two young new models. The manufacturer obviously wishes to place on the market since the Extreme SSD clearly displays the color of the high and just play in the same court as the Intel 520.

Extreme SSD displays a sequential flow of 550 and 520 MB/s read and write and reach up to 83,000 and 44 000 IOPS read and write random. Features already displayed in Intel or for the SandForce SF-2281, evidence that Sandisk is to intrude on the niche. The SSD is available in three models, the 120 GB and 240 GB, sold respectively at 170 and €350. Another version in 480 GB will arrive later in the year at a price of €480.

SanDisk is a little more discreet on the SSD X 100, a more conventional range. He also SATA III but use a Marvell base. It is question for him to 500 MB/s 420 MB/s write and write. The SSD X 100 will be also available in different models, 2.5 inches or m-SATA. It is question of 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB, but unlike the Extreme range, no price has been unveiled, or availability.

Sandisk SSD 100jpg sandisk extreme ssd


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