The first motherboards industrial of ASRock

The manufacturer launches three new motherboards meet the draconian criteria of the IPC standard.

ASRock wants to prove that it is capable of producing very reliable motherboards. To do this, the manufacturer out three new motherboards to the standard IPC, Industrial PC. This standard, in outline, indicates that the components of a computer must respond to certain extreme criteria to withstand the environment of a production for example. One of these criteria is for example temperature, systems IPC must work without any problem in an ambient temperature of 60 ° C.

The three maps ASRock IPC standards are named IMB-140, 141-IMB and IMB-142. They are all three in mini-ITX format and can accommodate processors Intel Atom CedarView, or range even with Intel Atom 2800 for the last two. They also have the characteristic to be equipped with a UEFI chip with a graphical user interface for the configuration of the boot of the map settings. They also benefit from the presence of a PCI bus to the former, a connector for there drag a mini format PCI-Express card and a card reader see Coté RAM, they have all of two memory banks mono channel DDR3 up to 1066 MHz SO-DIMM format. If there is need, two ports to the jack format are also in part for headphones and a microphone, you never know.

ASROCK-IMB-140-dessus      ASROCK-IMB-140-devant

The IMB-140 provides two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces via the chip Realtek RTL8111E-VL, VGA output that others have not and common to this range HDMI output. The presence on the back panel of 4 additional USB 2.0 ports is a more and for the quick, there are also three ports series one which takes in charge the RS232/422/485 standards and another in RJ45 format. On the map itself we find three USB 2.0 and two connectors SATA II ports. It is also possible to use the WatchDog included in the map to restart the map for crash of the system and without physical intervention on it.

ASROCK-IMB-141-devant    ASROCK-IMB-141-dessus

The IMB-141 map is less provided in external interfaces because it provides a port of Intel Gigabit Ethernet, the WG82547L with the replacement to the VGA port by a DVI - D port. The external series ports are deleted and there are more than two USB 2.0 ports. This map favours internal interfaces removed back panel, as we find 6 internal connectors for USB 2.0, and two ports series. However, the WatchDog was also removed.

ASROCK-IMB-142-dessus       ASROCK-IMB-142-devant

For the IMB-142 version, the back panel is identical to the IMB-141, but adds a second port Gigabit Ethernet at Intel. On the map, ASRock has added a VGA port. For these three mainboards, it is not appropriate to dates of availability accurate, although in some countries the commands appear to be open, without however that prices might display publicly.


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