Silent Pro M2: between bronze and silver, between 80 and €170

Cooler Master introduces its Silent Pro certified M2 Bronze and Silver with a five year warranty.


Cooler Master offers a new range of power supplies certified including six new references. This new range is therefore Silent Pro M2 and regard blocks all of which are modular and get at least the 80Plus Bronze certification. A certificate of performance 80Plus Silver attributed to the big two.

The range begins with four feeds in 80Plus Bronze, ranging from the smallest of 420 Watts up to 720 Watts with the crossing of the alims 520 and 620 Watts. For the last two, it will be 850 Watts and 1000 Watts, in 80Plus Silver. They are all equipped with a single rail of + 12V that can provide 32 A to 80 A for the 1000 Watts.

Listed rates, the 420 Watts begin €79,90, the 520 Watts will be €89.90, the 620 Watts to €99,90 and the 720 Watts to €114,90. For the 850 Watts, should pay the sum of €149,90 and 1000 Watts will be proposed to €169,90. And to reassure the more demanding customers, Cooler Master indicates that all power supplies of this new range are covered by a five year warranty.


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