Ultrabooks: toward a failure because the price too high

Mike Moskowitz, analyst for JP Morgan cabinet, Ultrabooks imagined by Intel to give breath to the computer market should not meet the expected success, i.e. a proportion of 40% on the global market for portable computers.

The main reason for this: the price of these machines that are relatively high, which should remain that this year, as indicated by some manufacturers. Because if pay a stamped product Mac does not surprise really consumer who knows very well that it is the tariff policy of Apple, pay much for a PC product seemed abnormal with its more generic side and prices that can be observed in opting for a portable computer classic, certainly less noble, but allowing the same things. This is why what worked well with the MacBook Air will not work with the Ultrabooks.

Eyes are thus turning to Ultrathins defended by the competitor AMD, knowing that they play just on the tariff aspect by adopting a book loads less binding than the Ultrabooks. Talking of a ticket of 500-600 $ for the Ultrathins entry, while the Ultrabooks should not pass under the helm of 799 dollars this year.

Ultrathin AMD 1 Ultrathin AMD 2
The reference model for the Ultrathins of AMD (credit Engadget; click to enlarge)


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