Augmented reality, no need to undress to try

Fitting booths are not always the place of choice for the shoppers. Remove, restore, display light blighted before unflattering mirrors, by 30 ° for cause of failure of air conditioning, press time, fittings are actually not part of pleasure. Today, more and more, on order by Internet, we try at home, before his favourite mirror, and sites are so kind that they allow us to return free of charge. If this is the longest time to dispose of your purchase, the e-commerce understood everything.

Also, now need signs that are street to motivate the troops, buyers, and provide true comfort. Cisco has worked on the subject and proposed reality increased in the cabins. The system is called Cisco Style and allows you to simply put you before ice and virtually try your potential purchases. Simple, fast, effective, perhaps not revolutionary and not not perfect no more, but it will not remove the principle of remove us some hassle.

Cisco Style (2)

Cisco Style is a virtual mirror, where you can have access to the entire collection of the store, and multiply the fittings, combinations, by playing the touch screen. It is not sure time savings made, given the immense choice that can now be given to the purchaser. Without physical fittings, you will not know if this pretty sweater wool, also highlight is, is not unbearable to wear. But this virtual asset can provide you with other services. Non-contact, "tried" clothing adapt to your morphology, and you can see you in the seams, as in a traditional fitting.

Then, the system is also Advisor. Too bad for the sellers and vendors, the computer will advise you in your choice, will also offer other products in harmony with your desires, as a true girlfriend but whose major interest is not to have rear-thoughts or to be hypocritical. And then, if you absolutely the opinion of your loved ones on a holding, you can always share your pictures of you in full fitting live on social networks.

Cisco Style (1)

Finally, if you are not satisfied, the computer do impose you not purchase. You can send to you for taking the time to choose your fittings...

In truth, the arrival of augmented reality in the fitting booths does not guarantee you to save time, but gives more attractive to shopping with his advice and unlimited choice of fitting, all without having to remove the lesser habit. To see if the shoppers to leave convince and return a little more often in stores.



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