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Test : CM Storm Inferno

Rather well with in buttons and finely designed, the CM Storm Inferno aims to position itself as a good mouse to any gamer. Successful bet?

CM Storm Inferno

CM Storm Inferno

The grip and good glide
Two buttons next to clicks
Very complete drivers...

... but not obvious to identify
A third button misplaced left

At the time, we are clearly to the underfur. It is the month that you can find the CM Storm Inferno mouse in trade, and the test point the tip of his nose that today ' hui on But rest assured, it mocks you, and we have not found an old forgotten article of the drawers to furnish this day of bridge. No, in fact we had never received the Inferno. She arrived on the later with the Trigger, mechanical keyboard of the mark that we tested recently. At the time, it is said that write a few lines on this mouse only ate no bread, especially since it works/plays/surf with it for a big week.

Short, the Inferno has a classical height. Even if it is more thought to the right-handed view the placement of three buttons on the left, it adopts an ambidextrous design outline. Glossy surface that is used at the rear where the mark back-lit logo is integrated is much less pleasant than the non-slip rubber used on the sides. A boon to keep the field mouse in hand and have enough grip. Two clicks (somewhat grainy) worked plastic is also a success, as the very pleasant rubber wheel (toothed and silent).

In short, the CM Storm Inferno design suffers from very few defects, and the only reserve that we emit the size of two main, small enough clicks, and to integrate share and another two parties hard plastic hosting each button. It thus loses surface of click, but it won two accessible since super buttons directly positioned next to the left and right buttons. Need to make, but it can be very convenient in some games.

Cooler Master Storm Inferno (4).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (6).JPG

Cooler Master Storm Inferno (7).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (1).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (3).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (9).JPG

The CM Storm Inferno weighs 122 grams. A weight correct since the mouse is light enough to not tire in the long and relatively heavy to keep some precision. His movements are no problem regardless of the used surface, since below installed sensor is surrounded by three huge skates Teflon. The sensor precisely, let's talk about. It's a laser sensor with a maximum precision of 4000 DPI (adjustable by steps of 100 in the software). Its response time is 1 ms and 1000 Hz report rate.

Characteristics quite conventional for a mouse "gamer", but nothing to report on this sensor which is also reactive that it is linear and precise. No bad surprise in game, and comfort of work with low sensitivity in the standard. Changes in sensitivity (on five levels) are as such via two small buttons installed in the wheel, and their function may be re-allocated at stake, while the third (hexagonal) to enable the different modes of backlight red (the logo, but also the contours of the wheel and diodes placed in front).

The side of the drivers, is found the look aggressive and very inflamed in the box of the Inferno with flames but also a metal Visual rendering which does not facilitate the legibility of the soft. Annoying detail, every time the driver loading is necessary to re - calibrate the sensor according to the selected mode (Casual or Pro). And after handling these drivers, the fact that it provides is very clear: it takes time for adaptation and understanding before you can correctly set the mouse, but CM Storm has the merit to propose very exhaustive options. Indeed, once you don't how to set each parameter, it can really adapt the Inferno to habits of use.

CM Storme Inferno - Pilotes (2).PNG CM Storme Inferno - Pilotes (4).PNG

This is especially true on Macros, and the possibility of designing real very complete scripts, all managed from a library with the possibility to import and export models. As the Storm Tactics function, it allows to assign actions to the buttons of the mouse via combinations, even more even though it will be a good memory and practice for use on the battlefield. The 128 KB of memory integrated can store up to three profiles for his favorite games.

Cooler Master Storm Inferno (10)

Without a real mouse MMO, the CM Storm Inferno will be the case in all types of games for a majority of gamers. In about us, found still more suited to the practice of the RTS and MOBA. And should admit that once the period of adaptation (particularly in the pilot) carried out, it is difficult to not experience good sensations at stake in this Inferno. And as more look is fairly boilerplate for a mouse of the genus, this spoil nothing. With more readable and simpler, drivers and a better placement of the third integrated button on the left, CM Storm could still make a difference.

Very soft start for the.XXX

The .xxx lack conviction, little used by Internet users and shunned by the industrial sector...


The ICANN and ICM Registry come to disclose figures on bookings of .xxx domain names, and the first analyses indicate any relative success. Indeed, even if 215.835 .xxx domain names have been reserved, 82.976 were done as a preventive measure by celebrities or trademarks.

But despite the reservations 132.859 corresponding to sites for adults, there is that 27.555 .xxx currently online sites. And on Alexa, only 61 of these sites are classified among the one million most visited sites, even though this ranking has a very large number of pornographic sites in .com.

It is not a surprise when we know that most of the players in this industry refuse to give their confidence to the .xxx, if it matters together behind a common extension easily visible, exposing all the more to blockages of the TLD (and even outright censorship in some countries prohibiting pornography such as the India or the Saudi Arabia).

Finally, it tends to show a latest trend: If the .xxx does not convince professionals, he convinced nor users that are not many to enter the URL ending with .xxx in their browsers.

HTC Sooner : le tout premier Android ?

Images of HTC Sparkystar look on the Web, it's a priori of one of the first Android phones. But it was never released...

When talking about the first Android smartphone, it immediately is the HTC Dream (or G1) that comes to mind. But this mobile appeared with the first final version of the operating system of Google end of 2008 is of course by the first prototype have been launched. Indeed, the first public beta of Android back in September 2007 and several manufacturers in had benefited to develop handsets that were equipped with. This is the case of the Taiwanese HTC, very early on, had anticipated the potential of Android. He had particularly developed a model called the HTC Sparkystar was never finally was marketed, but the photos stand out today with a developer who was able to obtain.

HTC Sooner (2) HTC Sooner (1)

HTC Sparkystar which turned on a build of Android dating back to May 2007, and before even the deployment of the first public beta. In the program, a look "to the BlackBerry" with a screen landscape 320 x 240 non-tactile, physical keyboard and a processor OMAP850 (an ARM9 200 MHz with 2 G modem). As a few catches the interface, they differ much of what was Android to its output, even if the browser was already based on Webkit and these Google services.

HTC Sooner (4) HTC Sooner (3)

As noticed by our colleagues from Tom's Hardware, Android changes between this version and that which built the first marketed smartphones have much closer the iOS of Apple system, and the release of the first iPhone in the meantime there is no doubt not foreign.

DDR4: the first functional module

Micron Announces have designed the first functional module of DDR4, even before that the JEDEC completes the standard.

NAND Flash Micron

Micron announced today the production of its first functional DDR4 module. After the survey of partners (including on servers), Micron believes that it is important to begin producing DDR4 modules as early as 2013 and it is in this light that he produced first functional samples. Micron says that beyond the professional sphere, the consumer will also quickly an interest in the democratization of the DDR4, given the energy savings and performance gains will offer these strips of RAM.

But back to this first module functional, co-developing with Nanya (nothing to do with Natracare, seen you come...) and exploiting the burning 30 nm from Micron process. It is composed of 4 Gb 8 chips (about 4 GB total), and modules with 16 and 32 chips are under development. These modules have a muzzle velocity of 2400 MT/s and will later rise to new standard JEDEC DDR4 3200 MT/s for. Of the DDR4 is eventually found in all formats: 1333MHz, LRDIMMs, 3DS, SODIMMs and UDIMMs.

Remember that the JEDEC is finalization of the standard DDR4. Brian Shirley, Vice President of Micron, ensures that to date, everything has been implemented for this first module meets the points on which the JEDEC already ruled, so that it is also consistent with the standard end-of-development. Samples of the first functional module were sent to Micron key partners so that they can work with on future solutions. We would therefore very far from the beginning of production in volume for the DDR4.

Air Series: customizable fans Corsair

Corsair launches a range of fans for all uses, whether it's to cool a box or a CPU radiator...

Corsair Air Series.jpg

Corsair presents in its Air Series two models themselves fans declined in several references. A Series Air including the promise is simple: provide reliable and silent fans through a system of hydraulic bearing and vibration-proof rubber fasteners. Fans who are also customizable, with rings of removable colors (red, blue and white).

The Air Series that inherit from the AF dénommination are those who propose the highest CFM, conceived to be installed without components within 3 cm of them. Three references are:

AF120 Performance: 120 mm, 30 dBA, 63,47 CFM, 1650 tr/minAF120 Quiet: Quiet 120 mm, 21 dBA, 39,88 CFM, 1100 tr/minAF140: 140 mm, 24 dBA, 67.8 CFM, 1150 RPM

In contrast, the SP have less blades and are designed to be set on the radiators of the components. Two references are proposed:

SP120 High Performance: 120 mm, 35 dBA, 62,74 CFM, 2350 rpm, 3.1 mm H2OSP120 Quiet: 120 mm, 23 dBA, 37,85 CFM, 1450 rpm, 1.29 mm H2O

Corsair Air Series AF.jpg                         Corsair Air Series SP.jpg

Left, a fan Air Series AF, on the right a SP...

Fans found prices decreasing $ 17 and $ 19 in the United States, and who should step soon be available here. Now remains to see if these Air Series will be integrated in the next boxes of the mark.

Galaxy S III: of the impressive benchmarks

Overall, the Galaxy S III of Samsung dominates the debates when comparing its performance to those of its competitors.

Necessarily, since the announcement of the Galaxy S III, everyone is looking to find out how the new smartphone from Samsung is powerful. It is also on this issue alone that it will be everyone agree, both his home was mixed (particularly in terms of design). And if these first results confirm, the Galaxy S III is not far the terminal that the man could take charge of the most powerful.

Galaxy S III BrowserMarks    Galaxy S III GL Benchmark

These tests are Anandtech and Nordic Hardware that has achieved and the two sites go back consistent figures. Whether calculations related to the browser as with BrowserMarks or put forward the performance of the part graphic of the SoC ARM quad-core of the Galaxy S III, the new Samsung model puts the competition test, shelves including. Conclusion, the Galaxy S III is powerful and fast.

The Octane of OCZ passes to the To

The Octane of OCZ is out in version 1 To. Prepare the suitcase for tickets...


OCZ markets a new version of its Octane SSD with a capacity of 1 TB. The 2.5-inch format, this SSD on-board controller Indilix Everest (composed of a Marvell chip) and NAND flash engraved 25 nm. This is call to 512 MB disk cache and operates a 6 Gbps SATA III interface.

According to OCZ, rates rise to 460 MB/s read and sequential 330 MB/s write. As the number of operations per second on 4 K blocks in random, they rise to 32,000 in reading and 24,000 IOPS write IOPS.

This Octane supports, such as versions of a lower capacity, NCQ, TRIM functions and in AES 256 bits encryption. The first deliveries are expected for mid-may at a price not disclosed. But as always with the large SSD, it may douiller...

[Last updated on May 3, 2012 at 6: 30 pm]

We just reference a first prize for this OCZ Octane of 1 TB and hang well, it is of €2449 in LDLC.

Firefox available in Aurora 14

Firefox Aurora is at number 14. Small point on the improvements expected...

Firefox AuroraThe final version of Firefox 12 is available recently, and version 13 is of course in beta, but the Mozilla Foundation continues on a paced and informs us that Firefox 14 which will arrive in 12 weeks is available in Aurora.

Finally, Firefox 14 rajoutera support for full screen for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Also, it will mark a support for the HTTPS protocol for the Internet search in the address bar, on the home or menu page shortcut if Google is chosen as the default search engine. It is also question of the support of the Mouse Lock API that allows to know the position in real time of the mouse in the browser to to trigger animations his movement or position, which can be interesting for the game online for example.

The CSS will be also better managed with the support of the States based on the mouse. For example, the visited page may display correctly the selected CSS style when the mouse is moved over a link, click on it, or if it has already been visited. Now in the configuration panel of the browser, it will be possible by default block loading all plugins installed with a click System on each zone enabling shipment as required.

Optimizations are also part with a better support the WebGL and SVG animations. The fonts are also better managed and their use will have less impact on memory consumption. There is still a lot of things to correct or to develop for the Mozilla Foundation, but this new version will bring these outlets a few interesting developments, such as the new manager of downloads or the new GStreamer framework.

> Download Firefox 14 Aurora

Bouygues Telecom is Darty Telecom: objective quality of service

By purchasing Darty Telecom, Bouygues integrates a network of 226 stores that will be valuable to improve its customer service.


EUR 40 million, it is the sum that is poised to Bouygues Telecom to buy Darty Telecom, a subsidiary of the Kesa group. A sum high Darty Telecom to retrieve customer portfolio account (300,000 subscribers fixed and mobile subscribers 40,000), but more important perhaps than this, this purchase will allow Bouygues Telecom to invest 226 Darty stores while Darty will provide the client the Bouygues Telecom offers service.

Olivier Roussat, Director General of Bouygues Telecom, is pleased to have been able to conclude this transaction and indicates that it will allow Bouygues Telecom to "deploy its technologies in Darty stores, always very frequented by giving the customer a better experience and interlocutors of quality". No one is fooled, that offers low-cost (such as B & You) are kept by the operators to compete with Free Mobile, the latter have rely on customer support and quality of service to justify the price of their traditional offerings. And this movement fits perfectly to this strategy. Bouygues Telecom insists therefore on the assistance provided to the client, either on mobile or ADSL.

An ARM SoC 64-bit

Next step for ARM chips: 64-bit. If it is not yet for immediately, it is no doubt for tomorrow.

Applied Micro X-GeneApplied Micro, one of the many companies who have licensed ARM, presented a new SoC X-Gene able to run an Apache server in 64-bit mode. It is therefore a first prototype of smart ARM 64-bit, which is based on the set of instruction ARMv8, but which does not strictly speaking a Cortex of ARM core. Indeed, Applied Micro can, through its licence, use the ARM instruction set and develop its own hearts, what has been done here to ensure a 64-bit compatibility. It is therefore a processor House.

Tom's Hardware indicates that this processor was designed to be used in a "cloud" servers. It indeed offers sufficient power but consumes little energy, incorporating several ARMv8 hearts and a management subsystem memory better than usual, and an Ethernet network manager.

So should expect to see land ARM 64-bit chips in our phones and shelves quickly enough? No, most manufacturers of processors ARM do using the hearts of reference ARM, the famous Cortex. And the new (and efficient) Cortex A15 which should begin to spread at the end are still 32-bit. At best, the 64-bit will be the next generation of hearts ARM program. But it is of course interesting to see that companies are already working on that possibility.

After the Ultrabook, Intel tackles the Nettops with the NUC

A minicomputer to set on the back of a TV or screen, the vu? Intel is trying to democratize this type of computers, as it already did for the Ultrabooks.

At the Intel Platinum Summit 2012 held in London, the founder of Santa Clara has presented its NUC, or Next Unit of Computing. A the rikiki dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm enclosure that houses a processor Intel Core i3, without more details. On interfaces offered by the NUC, Intel offers a USB port, a HDMI, a Thunderbolt port port and even the Bluetooth. This seems us still low compared to other manufacturers or to Raspberry Pi.

Intel_nuc_0003_Layer 1.jpeg

Intel_nuc_0000_IMG_2205.jpeg                  Intel_nuc_0001_IMG_2204.jpeg                  Intel_nuc_0002_IMG_2212.jpeg                  Intel_nuc_0004_Background.jpeg

The SweClockers Swedish were able to get their hands on it and we indicate that the NUC has a VESA 75 standard setting to be put in the back of a television or screen supporting this standard. As is the case for most of the nettops. Because that is what it is, if Intel seeks to reappropriate the market of the ultraportable with his concept of ultrabook, he may be trying to surgery similar marketing with its NUC on the market of the nettops...

For the moment, it is a simple concept and Intel said nothing about a possible marketing. Is probably the skier actively working with manufacturers to develop a standard, a specification and find partners. Follow .

Orange, SFR, Bouygues: Free Mobile will cost them dear

Time of Auditors arrived to three operators who had reason to fear the arrival of Free Mobile on the market.

Orange Free MobileFollowing the publication of the latest financial results, France Telecom and the point made by the operator for the modification to the portfolio of clients of Orange our colleagues in les Echos attach to a point on the changes in the sector of mobile telephony trained to this day by the arrival of Free Mobile on the market. Five months after the launch of the new highly competitive commercial offers incoming, "is starting to get an idea of the invoice paid by its competitors" indicate.

France Telecom has thus announced lost a total of mobile client 615.000 on the first quarter of the year, 2.3 million of termination and 1.7 million of recruitment. This represents a decrease of 0.7% over one year customer base. Remains that the operator does not it more recruits with its low-cost Sosh subsidiary and, if this is the case, how it affect its profitability. However, from an economic point of view, France Telecom is reassuring, recalling an asset have to resist Free Mobile: the roaming agreement signed with the néo-opérateur.

An agreement on the 2 G and 3 G very criticized (from a commercial point of view as from a technical point of view), but that, according to Orange, "compensates partially the decline in turnover" in the first quarter. 6 Years, this contract be earned 1 billion euros France Telecom, but as Free Mobile traffic is higher than that forecast does had anticipated it, revenues should ultimately exceed $ 1 billion in just three years. France Telecom has therefore not lost with the arrival of Free Mobile on the market, far from it.

In Bouygues Telecom, it will take on 15 May and the release of the sales in the first quarter to learn more, but the operator already said that its revenues would decrease by about 10% this year. And on 15 February, Free Mobile had apparently already recovered client 134.000 of Bouygues Telecom, which recruits many through its low-cost B & You offer. Bouygues Telecom has recently launched a EUR 300 million per year savings plan, and announced that he would renegotiate some partnerships, including those with the Phone House distribution system. Today, Bouygues Telecom announced the purchase of Darty Telecom, as explained here.

Finally in SFR, resigned as the CEO Frank Esser who refused to lower its prices, and after the acting by Jean-Bernard Lévy, is Michel Combes who becomes CEO. Frank Esser has paid its inability to anticipate the difficulties caused by the arrival of Free Mobile, with the loss estimated at client 208.000 in only 50 days between January and February (all operators combined). The savings plan that provides to SFR is estimated at EUR 500 million, passing by the dismissal of numerous employees and pressure on suppliers to lower prices. SFR already announced sales fell by 12 to 15% this year. The pressure on prices caused by the arrival of Free Mobile that feel .

Clevo to replace the Alienware M11x with an ultraportable 11.6 "seasoned players

The players to have a good "11.6 machine can count on Clevo to replace their Alienware M11x.

If Alienware has recently updated its store of laptops tough for players with new processors Intel Ivy Bridge, only the M14x, M17x and M18x (of 14, 17.3, 18.4 inch laptops) have right. Indeed, the famous M11x ultraportable for players of "11.6 tested by our care in mid-2010, has for its part remained under Sandy Bridge and the 500 GeForce or Radeon HD 6000. Have Dell decided to let his M11x die small firearms, is simply leaving the possibility of selling the latest machines in stock? It is a possibility, even if expected clarification of this side.

Is that the Alienware M11x is exception on the market, being the only ultraportable on this diagonal to be really cut to the game (without however reaching the performance of its big brothers). But as our colleagues from Clubic, point out the niche will be not left blank. Indeed, the Taiwanese Clevo (which manufactures white brand of computers for other brands) has presented a new reference "11.6 not exceeding 1.8 Kg and capable of a killer configuration.

Clevo W110ER

Think for yourself, the Clevo W110ER can embark up to an Intel Core-i7 Ivy Bridge and graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M operator architecture Kepler. With two benches So-DIMM for DDR3, a location 2.5-inch hard disk or SSD SATA III 6 Gbps, USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI 1 4A output, it promises to be able to become a super companion of easily transportable set. Remains to be seen which brands will focus on this new chassis, and how many will be sold computers that operate it.

Online storage: Lastly, the clients for Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon strengthens its offer Cloud Drive from clients for Windows and Mac.

Amazon Cloud Drive.PNG

It is the war of the "cloud". Online storage is becoming a more and more competitive market and the recent launch of Google Drive did that accelerate the changes made by the players to their offers. Thus, Dropbox is more generous still in storage in sponsorships, Microsoft accepts on his SkyDrive files up to 2 GB and offers clients for all OS (desktop and mobile), Hubic builds on the unlimited price, etc.

There was only Amazon which had not taken the opportunity to improve the offer of its Cloud Drive. It is now because one learns that the digital locker to Amazon is more accessible via clients (finally) available for Windows and Mac (from Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.6).

Amazon opens so very clearly his Drive Cloud storage of all types of files, and is not to be exceed the market where it is present since long. However, the offer remains fairly simplistic, and if small software in question facilitates the transfer of files from and to the Cloud Drive space, synchronization or collaborative work on stored documents are not in the program.

It's also a quite similar to most others, supply to see that 5 GB online storage space is available (the size of the music library is not counted). However, beyond this implementation free mouth, Go is charged $ 1 to the year. For $ 20 per year, the user has for example access to 20 GB of storage in the cloud, while Microsoft offers 25 GB with SkyDrive. And for 1 To, it will cost $ 1000 to the year... Is much more expensive than the $ 50 per month requested by Google Drive for the same storage space, and less interesting than the supply unlimited of Hubic (OVH) invoiced €84 per year.

Amazon Cloud Drive 2.PNG

Another large deficit, Amazon Cloud Drive does not propose to client for smartphones or tablets. In short, it still work Amazon to their place of choice in many online storage services. Probably starting with boost its free offer to attract users, before hope to sell them additional GB...

> Download the Amazon Cloud Drive (Windows and Mac) desktop application

VAIO T11 and T13: Sony updates the Ultrabook in Sandy Bridge...

Japanese Sony is going two models of Ultrabooks 11.6 "and 13.3", the VAIO T11 and T13.

Sony arrived shortly after the battle of the Ultrabooks which took place between the different constructors earlier this year but as the proverb so says "everything comes to point to who knows wait".

sony_ultrabooks-vaio_t11-01     sony_ultrabooks-vaio_t11-04

The Japanese firm has come to unveil its two models of ultrathin laptops, VAIO T (T as "Thin", "end" in English) available in versions 13.3 to 11.6 inches. Small disappointment however, the technical characteristics for the model 13 "are not excessive with a slab of" 13.3 of a definition of only 1366 x 768 pixels, an Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3-2367M processor (dual-core running at 1.4 Ghz, 3 MB cache and GPU Intel HD 3000), 4 GB of DDR3, a hard drive hybrid 320 GB 5400 RPM more flash NAND (SSD optional)a webcam HD 1.3 megapixel camera (Exmor sensor), Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi b/g/n, a SDHC memory card reader, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port and an HDMI output.

The VAIO T13 comes under Windows 7, it measures 226 x 17.8 x 323 mm, weighs 1.6 kg with its standard battery autonomy can mount up to 9 hours in SSD configuration.

sony_ultrabooks-vaio_t11-05     sony_ultrabooks-vaio_t11-03     sony_ultrabooks-vaio_t11-02

The VAIO T have an elegant design with the use of materials like aluminum and magnesium. Availability is announced for the beginning of the month of may for undisclosed rates. Hope that the asking price is not excessive and that versions with new processors Intel Ivy Bridge see the day quickly.

Nexon voudrait croquer EA : OPA, it's in the game!

The market sphere reported since this weekend of persistent rumours about a possible purchase of the company Electronic Arts by Korean Nexon. Surprising? Not so much that this!

Nexon vs EA

Maple Story, Dungeon Fighter, or Vindictus… These Free to Play games are often considered in Europe as the second zone productions. However, these titles together every day several tens of millions of fans across Asia, making the fortune of their editor, Korean Nexon.

To give you an idea, it employs some 3,500 people worldwide, and generated a turnover in 2011 of more than$ 1 billion, an increase of 25% over one year. Moreover, its introduction on the stock exchange allowed bed, always in 2011, some $ 1.2 billion. Finally, it has a capitalization estimated at 8.9 billion dollars on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

For its part, EA experienced difficulties lately, with a value of net withdrawal action and future restructuring. On its capitalization on Wall Street, it is estimated at 5 billion, at best. In the end, whether to be very careful on these rumours of redemption, they will have at least helped to light of the reports of force it is not necessarily a fair perception.

The GeForce GTX 670 arrives, photos support

This is a secret, NVIDIA is preparing to launch a GeForce GTX 670 very soon and here are the Colorful model that is revealed in photos.

After out graphic card high-end GeForce GTX 680, and announced the very high-quality bi - GPU GTX 690, NVIDIA prepares to complete its range with the GTX 670 embarking a castrée version of the GK104 of its big sisters.


Highly anticipated by many players, the GeForce GTX 670 should not delay in coming the end of its PCBs and is already on different websites: photos of the map. The Colorful manufacturer model can be seen on the Chinese site EXPreview TechPowerup echoed. According to the source, map glue perfectly to the NVIDIA reference design and can be pointed out that the two PCI-e 6-pin connectors are positioned side by side toward the center of the slice and not the card as usual.


This is explained by the use of a particularly short PCB used to GTX 670, the map is then "artificially" extended by a longer carter incorporating a radial fan deported at the front as shown in the photos of the back of the card. The GeForce GTX 670 should be launched during the month of May. Information "informal" as long as NVIDIA did not things.

Hitman discharge made the presentations with the Agent 47

Hitman back in a discharge episode that takes advantage of a new graphics engine...

The Danish studio IO Interactive has rarely been as good when working on an episode of the Hitman series. It falls well, they provide cover with Hitman: discharge, a game planned for this year on HD consoles and of course also on PC. It must be said that fans of the series are waiting for it since Blood Money, released six years ago. To make presentations, nothing such as a video mounted with game sequences, that emphasize the graphical improvements proposed by the House of IO Interactive engine: GLACIER 2. The Agent 47 has, as you can see it, retained its class...