Very soft start for the.XXX

The .xxx lack conviction, little used by Internet users and shunned by the industrial sector...


The ICANN and ICM Registry come to disclose figures on bookings of .xxx domain names, and the first analyses indicate any relative success. Indeed, even if 215.835 .xxx domain names have been reserved, 82.976 were done as a preventive measure by celebrities or trademarks.

But despite the reservations 132.859 corresponding to sites for adults, there is that 27.555 .xxx currently online sites. And on Alexa, only 61 of these sites are classified among the one million most visited sites, even though this ranking has a very large number of pornographic sites in .com.

It is not a surprise when we know that most of the players in this industry refuse to give their confidence to the .xxx, if it matters together behind a common extension easily visible, exposing all the more to blockages of the TLD (and even outright censorship in some countries prohibiting pornography such as the India or the Saudi Arabia).

Finally, it tends to show a latest trend: If the .xxx does not convince professionals, he convinced nor users that are not many to enter the URL ending with .xxx in their browsers.


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