DDR4: the first functional module

Micron Announces have designed the first functional module of DDR4, even before that the JEDEC completes the standard.

NAND Flash Micron

Micron announced today the production of its first functional DDR4 module. After the survey of partners (including on servers), Micron believes that it is important to begin producing DDR4 modules as early as 2013 and it is in this light that he produced first functional samples. Micron says that beyond the professional sphere, the consumer will also quickly an interest in the democratization of the DDR4, given the energy savings and performance gains will offer these strips of RAM.

But back to this first module functional, co-developing with Nanya (nothing to do with Natracare, seen you come...) and exploiting the burning 30 nm from Micron process. It is composed of 4 Gb 8 chips (about 4 GB total), and modules with 16 and 32 chips are under development. These modules have a muzzle velocity of 2400 MT/s and will later rise to new standard JEDEC DDR4 3200 MT/s for. Of the DDR4 is eventually found in all formats: 1333MHz, LRDIMMs, 3DS, SODIMMs and UDIMMs.

Remember that the JEDEC is finalization of the standard DDR4. Brian Shirley, Vice President of Micron, ensures that to date, everything has been implemented for this first module meets the points on which the JEDEC already ruled, so that it is also consistent with the standard end-of-development. Samples of the first functional module were sent to Micron key partners so that they can work with on future solutions. We would therefore very far from the beginning of production in volume for the DDR4.


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