Nexon voudrait croquer EA : OPA, it's in the game!

The market sphere reported since this weekend of persistent rumours about a possible purchase of the company Electronic Arts by Korean Nexon. Surprising? Not so much that this!

Nexon vs EA

Maple Story, Dungeon Fighter, or Vindictus… These Free to Play games are often considered in Europe as the second zone productions. However, these titles together every day several tens of millions of fans across Asia, making the fortune of their editor, Korean Nexon.

To give you an idea, it employs some 3,500 people worldwide, and generated a turnover in 2011 of more than$ 1 billion, an increase of 25% over one year. Moreover, its introduction on the stock exchange allowed bed, always in 2011, some $ 1.2 billion. Finally, it has a capitalization estimated at 8.9 billion dollars on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

For its part, EA experienced difficulties lately, with a value of net withdrawal action and future restructuring. On its capitalization on Wall Street, it is estimated at 5 billion, at best. In the end, whether to be very careful on these rumours of redemption, they will have at least helped to light of the reports of force it is not necessarily a fair perception.


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