Online storage: Lastly, the clients for Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon strengthens its offer Cloud Drive from clients for Windows and Mac.

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It is the war of the "cloud". Online storage is becoming a more and more competitive market and the recent launch of Google Drive did that accelerate the changes made by the players to their offers. Thus, Dropbox is more generous still in storage in sponsorships, Microsoft accepts on his SkyDrive files up to 2 GB and offers clients for all OS (desktop and mobile), Hubic builds on the unlimited price, etc.

There was only Amazon which had not taken the opportunity to improve the offer of its Cloud Drive. It is now because one learns that the digital locker to Amazon is more accessible via clients (finally) available for Windows and Mac (from Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.6).

Amazon opens so very clearly his Drive Cloud storage of all types of files, and is not to be exceed the market where it is present since long. However, the offer remains fairly simplistic, and if small software in question facilitates the transfer of files from and to the Cloud Drive space, synchronization or collaborative work on stored documents are not in the program.

It's also a quite similar to most others, supply to see that 5 GB online storage space is available (the size of the music library is not counted). However, beyond this implementation free mouth, Go is charged $ 1 to the year. For $ 20 per year, the user has for example access to 20 GB of storage in the cloud, while Microsoft offers 25 GB with SkyDrive. And for 1 To, it will cost $ 1000 to the year... Is much more expensive than the $ 50 per month requested by Google Drive for the same storage space, and less interesting than the supply unlimited of Hubic (OVH) invoiced €84 per year.

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Another large deficit, Amazon Cloud Drive does not propose to client for smartphones or tablets. In short, it still work Amazon to their place of choice in many online storage services. Probably starting with boost its free offer to attract users, before hope to sell them additional GB...

> Download the Amazon Cloud Drive (Windows and Mac) desktop application


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