Bouygues Telecom is Darty Telecom: objective quality of service

By purchasing Darty Telecom, Bouygues integrates a network of 226 stores that will be valuable to improve its customer service.


EUR 40 million, it is the sum that is poised to Bouygues Telecom to buy Darty Telecom, a subsidiary of the Kesa group. A sum high Darty Telecom to retrieve customer portfolio account (300,000 subscribers fixed and mobile subscribers 40,000), but more important perhaps than this, this purchase will allow Bouygues Telecom to invest 226 Darty stores while Darty will provide the client the Bouygues Telecom offers service.

Olivier Roussat, Director General of Bouygues Telecom, is pleased to have been able to conclude this transaction and indicates that it will allow Bouygues Telecom to "deploy its technologies in Darty stores, always very frequented by giving the customer a better experience and interlocutors of quality". No one is fooled, that offers low-cost (such as B & You) are kept by the operators to compete with Free Mobile, the latter have rely on customer support and quality of service to justify the price of their traditional offerings. And this movement fits perfectly to this strategy. Bouygues Telecom insists therefore on the assistance provided to the client, either on mobile or ADSL.


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