Test : CM Storm Inferno

Rather well with in buttons and finely designed, the CM Storm Inferno aims to position itself as a good mouse to any gamer. Successful bet?

CM Storm Inferno

CM Storm Inferno

The grip and good glide
Two buttons next to clicks
Very complete drivers...

... but not obvious to identify
A third button misplaced left

At the time, we are clearly to the underfur. It is the month that you can find the CM Storm Inferno mouse in trade, and the test point the tip of his nose that today ' hui on PCWorld.fr. But rest assured, it mocks you, and we have not found an old forgotten article of the drawers to furnish this day of bridge. No, in fact we had never received the Inferno. She arrived on the later with the Trigger, mechanical keyboard of the mark that we tested recently. At the time, it is said that write a few lines on this mouse only ate no bread, especially since it works/plays/surf with it for a big week.

Short, the Inferno has a classical height. Even if it is more thought to the right-handed view the placement of three buttons on the left, it adopts an ambidextrous design outline. Glossy surface that is used at the rear where the mark back-lit logo is integrated is much less pleasant than the non-slip rubber used on the sides. A boon to keep the field mouse in hand and have enough grip. Two clicks (somewhat grainy) worked plastic is also a success, as the very pleasant rubber wheel (toothed and silent).

In short, the CM Storm Inferno design suffers from very few defects, and the only reserve that we emit the size of two main, small enough clicks, and to integrate share and another two parties hard plastic hosting each button. It thus loses surface of click, but it won two accessible since super buttons directly positioned next to the left and right buttons. Need to make, but it can be very convenient in some games.

Cooler Master Storm Inferno (4).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (6).JPG

Cooler Master Storm Inferno (7).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (1).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (3).JPG Cooler Master Storm Inferno (9).JPG

The CM Storm Inferno weighs 122 grams. A weight correct since the mouse is light enough to not tire in the long and relatively heavy to keep some precision. His movements are no problem regardless of the used surface, since below installed sensor is surrounded by three huge skates Teflon. The sensor precisely, let's talk about. It's a laser sensor with a maximum precision of 4000 DPI (adjustable by steps of 100 in the software). Its response time is 1 ms and 1000 Hz report rate.

Characteristics quite conventional for a mouse "gamer", but nothing to report on this sensor which is also reactive that it is linear and precise. No bad surprise in game, and comfort of work with low sensitivity in the standard. Changes in sensitivity (on five levels) are as such via two small buttons installed in the wheel, and their function may be re-allocated at stake, while the third (hexagonal) to enable the different modes of backlight red (the logo, but also the contours of the wheel and diodes placed in front).

The side of the drivers, is found the look aggressive and very inflamed in the box of the Inferno with flames but also a metal Visual rendering which does not facilitate the legibility of the soft. Annoying detail, every time the driver loading is necessary to re - calibrate the sensor according to the selected mode (Casual or Pro). And after handling these drivers, the fact that it provides is very clear: it takes time for adaptation and understanding before you can correctly set the mouse, but CM Storm has the merit to propose very exhaustive options. Indeed, once you don't how to set each parameter, it can really adapt the Inferno to habits of use.

CM Storme Inferno - Pilotes (2).PNG CM Storme Inferno - Pilotes (4).PNG

This is especially true on Macros, and the possibility of designing real very complete scripts, all managed from a library with the possibility to import and export models. As the Storm Tactics function, it allows to assign actions to the buttons of the mouse via combinations, even more even though it will be a good memory and practice for use on the battlefield. The 128 KB of memory integrated can store up to three profiles for his favorite games.

Cooler Master Storm Inferno (10)

Without a real mouse MMO, the CM Storm Inferno will be the case in all types of games for a majority of gamers. In about us, found still more suited to the practice of the RTS and MOBA. And should admit that once the period of adaptation (particularly in the pilot) carried out, it is difficult to not experience good sensations at stake in this Inferno. And as more look is fairly boilerplate for a mouse of the genus, this spoil nothing. With more readable and simpler, drivers and a better placement of the third integrated button on the left, CM Storm could still make a difference.


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