HTC Sooner : le tout premier Android ?

Images of HTC Sparkystar look on the Web, it's a priori of one of the first Android phones. But it was never released...

When talking about the first Android smartphone, it immediately is the HTC Dream (or G1) that comes to mind. But this mobile appeared with the first final version of the operating system of Google end of 2008 is of course by the first prototype have been launched. Indeed, the first public beta of Android back in September 2007 and several manufacturers in had benefited to develop handsets that were equipped with. This is the case of the Taiwanese HTC, very early on, had anticipated the potential of Android. He had particularly developed a model called the HTC Sparkystar was never finally was marketed, but the photos stand out today with a developer who was able to obtain.

HTC Sooner (2) HTC Sooner (1)

HTC Sparkystar which turned on a build of Android dating back to May 2007, and before even the deployment of the first public beta. In the program, a look "to the BlackBerry" with a screen landscape 320 x 240 non-tactile, physical keyboard and a processor OMAP850 (an ARM9 200 MHz with 2 G modem). As a few catches the interface, they differ much of what was Android to its output, even if the browser was already based on Webkit and these Google services.

HTC Sooner (4) HTC Sooner (3)

As noticed by our colleagues from Tom's Hardware, Android changes between this version and that which built the first marketed smartphones have much closer the iOS of Apple system, and the release of the first iPhone in the meantime there is no doubt not foreign.


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