Clevo to replace the Alienware M11x with an ultraportable 11.6 "seasoned players

The players to have a good "11.6 machine can count on Clevo to replace their Alienware M11x.

If Alienware has recently updated its store of laptops tough for players with new processors Intel Ivy Bridge, only the M14x, M17x and M18x (of 14, 17.3, 18.4 inch laptops) have right. Indeed, the famous M11x ultraportable for players of "11.6 tested by our care in mid-2010, has for its part remained under Sandy Bridge and the 500 GeForce or Radeon HD 6000. Have Dell decided to let his M11x die small firearms, is simply leaving the possibility of selling the latest machines in stock? It is a possibility, even if expected clarification of this side.

Is that the Alienware M11x is exception on the market, being the only ultraportable on this diagonal to be really cut to the game (without however reaching the performance of its big brothers). But as our colleagues from Clubic, point out the niche will be not left blank. Indeed, the Taiwanese Clevo (which manufactures white brand of computers for other brands) has presented a new reference "11.6 not exceeding 1.8 Kg and capable of a killer configuration.

Clevo W110ER

Think for yourself, the Clevo W110ER can embark up to an Intel Core-i7 Ivy Bridge and graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M operator architecture Kepler. With two benches So-DIMM for DDR3, a location 2.5-inch hard disk or SSD SATA III 6 Gbps, USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI 1 4A output, it promises to be able to become a super companion of easily transportable set. Remains to be seen which brands will focus on this new chassis, and how many will be sold computers that operate it.


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