Galaxy S III: of the impressive benchmarks

Overall, the Galaxy S III of Samsung dominates the debates when comparing its performance to those of its competitors.

Necessarily, since the announcement of the Galaxy S III, everyone is looking to find out how the new smartphone from Samsung is powerful. It is also on this issue alone that it will be everyone agree, both his home was mixed (particularly in terms of design). And if these first results confirm, the Galaxy S III is not far the terminal that the man could take charge of the most powerful.

Galaxy S III BrowserMarks    Galaxy S III GL Benchmark

These tests are Anandtech and Nordic Hardware that has achieved and the two sites go back consistent figures. Whether calculations related to the browser as with BrowserMarks or put forward the performance of the part graphic of the SoC ARM quad-core of the Galaxy S III, the new Samsung model puts the competition test, shelves including. Conclusion, the Galaxy S III is powerful and fast.


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