After the Ultrabook, Intel tackles the Nettops with the NUC

A minicomputer to set on the back of a TV or screen, the vu? Intel is trying to democratize this type of computers, as it already did for the Ultrabooks.

At the Intel Platinum Summit 2012 held in London, the founder of Santa Clara has presented its NUC, or Next Unit of Computing. A the rikiki dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm enclosure that houses a processor Intel Core i3, without more details. On interfaces offered by the NUC, Intel offers a USB port, a HDMI, a Thunderbolt port port and even the Bluetooth. This seems us still low compared to other manufacturers or to Raspberry Pi.

Intel_nuc_0003_Layer 1.jpeg

Intel_nuc_0000_IMG_2205.jpeg                  Intel_nuc_0001_IMG_2204.jpeg                  Intel_nuc_0002_IMG_2212.jpeg                  Intel_nuc_0004_Background.jpeg

The SweClockers Swedish were able to get their hands on it and we indicate that the NUC has a VESA 75 standard setting to be put in the back of a television or screen supporting this standard. As is the case for most of the nettops. Because that is what it is, if Intel seeks to reappropriate the market of the ultraportable with his concept of ultrabook, he may be trying to surgery similar marketing with its NUC on the market of the nettops...

For the moment, it is a simple concept and Intel said nothing about a possible marketing. Is probably the skier actively working with manufacturers to develop a standard, a specification and find partners. Follow .


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