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Android beats records of activations, more than 700,000 a day...

Android install on more phones and continues to increase its market share.


It is one of the lighthouses of this year-end gifts, and Android takes advantage to full of this craze for the smartphone. Indeed, we learn that the Google mobile operating system has saved approximately 700,000 activations every day on the month of September. From 550,000 in July and 500,000 average on June.

History of cut short any controversial on its measures, Google explained - via Andy Rubin - that "each unit sold is accounted only once (...)" sold to opportunity and reactivated terminals are not taken into account. "When it said activation, refers to a smartphone added the network with a mobile subscription and purchased in a store".

With a still larger catalogue, Android sit its market dominance of the smartphone with more than 50% market share according to Gartner. On the third quarter, 60.4 million terminals have been sold, "only" 20.5 million a year earlier. And since the launch of the system, more than 200 million Android phones have been sold. We now expect the figures of the months of November and December to see if Android has passed the Cape of the one million daily activations on this end of the year.

LG presents a monitor 27 "3D slab e - IPS

LG Electronics has just reveal the 3D DM92, its new monitor 27 "consistent passive 3D Cinema


It is in Korea of the South that manufacturer LG has unveiled its new monitor 27 "equipped with a slab e - IPS ultra-fine borders (only 1 mm!), and compatible passive 3D and angle of vision of 178 ° in all angles. Cinema 3D DM92 is a LED backlight and a native definition of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This will be one of monitors lighthouses of the manufacturer at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas, that many see placed under the sign of the ultrabook but of passive 3D...

Acer and Archos: war of prices on the shelves

Acer and Archos formalize the time their new tablet on the way to high-end segment...


On the one hand, Acer presents its Iconia Tab RM A200, 1200. We talked you at the beginning of months, and it is a "light" of the A500 version to be however the law in a migration to Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" as early as next month. Basically, the idea of Acer is to propose an interesting alternative to the G9 of Archos. Small recall of characteristics: a touch screen of 10.1 inches in 1280 x 800 pixels, a dual-core Tegra 2 processor from Nvidia 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 8 or 16 GB of expandable storage with the port for memory (up to 32 GB) microSDHC card memory, a USB Host port, a 3.5 mm jack plug, 3260 mAh batteryWiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, and GPS.

From the A500 (tested here), it loses so the dorsal APN 5 megapixels for offering only a front-end sensor 2 megapixel camera, the micro-HDMI disappears output also, but in return the Tablet loses a few grams (720 against 765) and is thinner (12.4 mm against 13.3 mm). Now known as the sale price of RM A200, this Iconia Tab 1200, which will begin to €329 8 GB version. But given the prices charged for the A500 in some merchants, this RM A200, 1200 should very quickly be found under the bar of €300.

Archos 70b

In the face, Archos - always well positioned on the means of range, and the entry with its Arnova - pulls its Internet Tablet 70 (b). A Tablet whose selling price is set at €199. It is a 7 "model that runs on Android Honeycomb (3.2) with a CPU running at 1.2 GHz (probably an ARM Cortex A8 single-core). Archos therefore give the taste of the day its 70 shelf date of 2010 and had been launched under Android 2.2.

The hull metal is maintained in this "b" version, the capacitive screen passes to the 1024 x 600, the RAM is 512 MB and the storage capacity to 8 GB. All with access to the Market and presence of the media player from Archos. Side connectors, there is the presence of a mini-HDMI, a micro-SD slot and a 3.5 mm Jack. Without forgetting the VGA webcam. After the passage of G9 Turbo mode at 1.5 GHz, Archos is therefore also reinforces the shelves more accessible segment. Duels of between 200 and 300 tablets prepare for 2012, leaving the top-of-range €400/500 to Tegra 3 models and other new mobile processors very efficient.

domains yahoo : Samsung Galaxy SII et Google Nexus S compatibles Android 4.0

Android 4.0 is update for the Nexus S and Galaxy SII. These two signed phones Samsung are the first, after the Galaxy Nexus, to benefit all new Ice Cream Sandwich.

It is the European version (GSM) of the Nexus S happening first in 4.0. The deployment of this update will be conducted in successive waves to be completed in a few weeks. This update to ICS occurs via the same system located in the terminal settings.For the IRS Galaxy, an informal update is available on the SamMobile site. It is an image of Ice Cream Sandwich in 4.0.1. Not officially deployed, it would be from Samsung and be of the wrapper TouchWizz, own the Korean brand. Of course, sound installation occurs without any guarantee on the part of Samsung. Will more impatient the do so at their own risk. Others will wait for the official update scheduled deployment for the first quarter of 2012, according to Samsung, as the Galaxy Note.Tous Android terminals benefit not of the same treatment as the Nexus S, and SII Galaxy. Many will have to settle for Android 2.3. In this regard, we learn that the Nexus One of Google, also they will be not updated in 4.0, despite his relative seniority, according to some.

Find this article on Tom's Guide

Samsung Galaxy SII and Google Nexus S compatible Android 4.0
The USB key to install Android on his PC or the TV

The APU of AMD new formalized

AMD formalizes its new APU enriches its range of new released chips...

One? Two? Not! Although thirteen new APU are just launch AMD, including five chips for desktop computers. As many processors which supersede the previous versions, in most cases the difference boils down to a gain of 100 MHz. More interesting, the Fusion A8-3870K and A6-3670K (which we talked a few days ago) have multiplier coefficients unlocked for the CPU and the GPU. The overclockers will enjoy. Our colleagues from compiled these new products in the form of a table. A reminder, all these chips are to install on a socket FM1 (which should not be backward compatible with the FM2 socket in preparation).

HFR APU decembre 2011

Amazon, Nokia and Microsoft would like RIM. Is another alternative possible?

In a difficult situation, RIM succumb to sirens of a redemption? Unless that a takeover bid put itself in place? Or that the Canadian manufacturer is another way to be relaunch?


According to several sources, Amazon, Nokia and Microsoft would all three competing to make their entrance to the capital of the Canadian RIM blackberries have more rating as was still the case a few years ago. It must be said that the action of RIM is down, facilitating the possibility of a takeover bid. "Well informed" people if it according to Reuters, say that Amazon - who had studied the possibility of a takeover of RIM last summer - continues to closely follow this trail.

Of course, any interested company made any comment on these rumours. This is not the case of Nokia and Microsoft, seen as potential buyers, and even via a hypothetical offers grouped because the two firms highly related today following the agreement signed between them around the Windows Phone. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is an idea that someone in the head of the two giants since RIM is at its lowest course for eight years.

Financial quarterly reports disturbing, disappointing sales of PlayBook, global network outages BlackBerry which fuelled the grumbles smartphones RIM holders, not to mention the BB OS 10 delay which is more expected before end of 2012... The image of the Canadian manufacturer is the lowest. But there may be another solution for RIM, outside a decision-making participation or a takeover. This is to provide licensed its operating system to other manufacturers. HTC and Samsung would be takers for the latest news. But then again, it is that of rumours.

Bluetooth and NFC together to make the most of the two?

The NFC Forum and the Bluetooth Sig join forces to propose a simplification of the peer to peer data transfer.


To send contacts, short information and links, there are lots of opportunities. Everything from the simple e-mail, up to the NFC by Bluetooth.

In the first case, simply just, since his mobile that supports this type of function, insert the contact card in the mail and send it. The problem, it is that it takes time with two correspondents network coverage and that it draws a little in packages data.

When one is nearby, you can switch the Bluetooth should enable, select the contact card and send it, while in the face, must be an acceptance of the connection, enter a pairing code and validate the transfer. Complicated? Not so much that it's, but it can quickly become tedious if two mobile devices do not speak the same "language" and therefore add additional steps which discourage quickly... To give interested in iron at the stage of good old paper-pencil to share a number.

Otherwise, there is the NFC (Near Field Communication). On paper, it is promising, it is sufficient just to select the contact card, the share via NFC and of "bumper" its mobile with that of its neighbour that sharing operates. In reality, this does not always work very well. If two mobile devices are not identical or use different systems, it resumes again on the problems of compatibility.


To simplify this, the NFC Forum and the Bluetooth Sig, two institutions of many companies for the development of these technologies, will now work together to provide solutions to these problems. Major, in the sense that customers do not use them and thus manufacturers are likely to deadlock on them for not burdening the invoice of the smartphone which is already expensive to produce.

A first solution would be the addition of a new bluetooth profile called Secure Simple Pairing, using the NFC to negotiate security between the two keys. With this new profile SSP, it is sufficient just to approach a pedometer or a helmet for the bluetooth liasion to be effective, a good thing in the end.

One could even imagine the transfer of data such as photos, first initiated in NFC and then passing on the Bluetooth 4.0 which itself uses a high-speed transfer and easy WiFi. Finally, we will wait until this happens, because the promises only bind those who hold.

Firefox may blow, it will be still funded by Google for 3 years

The agreement between the Foundation Mozilla and Google on Firefox is renewed for the next three years.

Logo Firefox

With declining usage statistics, Firefox saw his very lucrative contract with Google threatened. Especially that Chrome, the browser by Google himself, him file the train (and would have even exceeded it some figures). A reminder, Google is the primary source of income of the Mozilla Foundation, that it pays to install by default its search engine in the browser to the red panda.

Knowing that the contract between the two came to term last month, we we were uneasy future of Mozilla, whose leaders remained tranquil. And they were right because one learns that the contract with Google has been renewed for the next three years. However, we do not know on what basis, and it would be logical that Google has been hard in case, negotiating his contract down given that Firefox is less used.

"Under this multiannual agreement, Google Search continue to be the search engine by default of hundreds of millions of Firefox users around the world" said Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla. Without this agreement (which represented 86% of the turnover of the Mozilla Foundation in 2008), it is the death in the medium term of Firefox which could be signed.

Hard drives: the return to a mass production in Thailand will take time

Digitimes Research table on a resumption of intensive production in Thailand to the beginning of the second quarter of 2012, and as soon as early January as some believed.

Everyone knows that the floods in Thailand had a strong impact on the delivery of the hard drives, in fact increasing the rates of these parts. If production chains are distributed on the whole, the climate catastrophe caused a net loss on sales of the fourth quarter, reflected in the figures of Intel.

Several sources suggest that the return to a normal production in the stricken region will be next February. Assemblers, living on their stocks, are able to maintain production as with almost 20 million disks on their shelves. Western Digital HDD parts manufacturers, think able to return to 70% of their production capacity for March 2012, three months after the scheduled date. Although it should be remembered that WD is a case apart and is the most affected by the Thai floods.


Hard disk production table according to Digitimes Research

On the second quarter, Digitimes Research estimates that manufacturers will be able to ensure the production of 165 million units, or only a million units less the demand. To catch up and redo stock, production units out half a million additional hard disks for the third and fourth quarters of 2012.

Concerning the prices of these products, from our information and contrary to the chart, the first quarter of 2012 will not really good season for the purchase of hard drives, and it is likely that resellers will be able to revise downward the rates from mid-2012, even if stocks are not yet fully back. Of course, these estimates will be subject to evolution with what actually happens in manufacturing of hard drives.

5 million euro fine for Numericable

Numericable should pay for does not share its fibre network...

entete_numericableDeployment of very high speed, Arcep (Telecoms Regulator) asked Numericable provide access to the network cable the horizontal work of renovation for the optical fiber. This returned, of course, in a rule of equity between operators, to share the cost of installation.

But Numericable has not played the game, because since 4 November 2010, date to which the Arcep has registered this mutual decision, cablo-operator well renovated its network by filing its sheaths of fibers at the feet of the buildings without so share access.

Is that in late November of this year, almost a year after, Numericable eventually accept under conditions of modification of the decision of Arcep. From there, the Authority decided to sanction the operator to respect the rules from the outset. Plum is rather severe, since Numericable will have to pay € 5 million to pay, penalized to have benefited only its network for a year.

Selection Christmas 2011: Android apps

Want to offer you a small application for the holidays. Choose not to be missed in our (non-exhaustive) selection of the apps...


Attention, dangerous game! World of Goo and its small living glue balls will make you addicted. The principle of the game is simple, get a maximum of these pellets of "goo" to the entrance of the suction hose to harvesting. To do this, will need to assemble between them with their elastic features to build bridges, towers and other structures across the level. Simple in the beginning, the game to Corsica by adding new features to the "goos" and traps in the setting to avoid, in short, a true puzzle-game mixed with a construction set. Everything is played with the touch with just a finger to move the small balls and that's it. Simple, clear, and effective! Graphically sublime with an undeniable "Tim Burtonienne" touch the game expands also a wacky scenario but refreshing and fun. World of Goo is a beautifully original game, a small nugget videogame to be absolutely try at any price. A demo version is available to do this an idea before investing the 3.99 euros necessary for the activation of the full version.

> Download on the Market

The point on the week of

Bulldozer, Radeon HD, 28 nm, Free Mobile, 4 G, Elysée, fiber optic, eBook... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

This is a falsely calm week ends on the computer news. Step really groundbreaking announcements, and especially the rumours, but full info still. Side first processors, it is rumored that AMD will take advantage of the holiday of the year to launch a new Bulldozer (FX-6200), two new débloqués APU (A8-3870K and A6-3670K), while at Intel, we learn that the Ivy Bridge quad-core to 35W TDP will exist in 2012. This should make happy the enthusiast to ultrabooks, new range of laptops that will invest Samsung with its 5 Series, and is required as the new challenge of providers of chassis and - unexpected - webcams.

But the news was especially warm around the new Radeon HD 7900 of AMD. These engraved at 28 nm GPU arrive and feed the rumor via many leaks. We were therefore able to take advantage of the slides by those who do not respect the NDA to evoke the characteristics of the 7970, new top-of-range reference of the manufacturer. A card which the output will be accompanied by that of new pilot Catalyst, finally giving the possibility to manage profiles. In the face, what Kepler data, new GPU Nvidia 28 nm, which are compiled.

NZXT Tempest 210 (36).JPG test-cybook-odyssey-01

Alpha Tempest 210 and Cybook Odyssey, the two products passed by our lab this week

In telecoms, it had also been a lot of things this week. The agitator of Free Mobile having his show every day. Xavier Niel once again returned to its competitors, has suggested a deadline of output and talked about missile ready to draw. Furthermore, it learned that Free Mobile is actively implementing its hotline, expecting a big success of its offer as early as its launch, while it is discovered the cost of the endings of appeal that offers him the Arcep. Also, two interesting news on the front of the 4 G, the one to say that the call for applications is launched on the 800 MHz band (four operators have sent their records), the other to discuss the potential problems of fragmentation of the LTE.

Of the network, it spoke also at the Elysee Palace, with an IP address from the Presidential Palace that would have been used to steal content via Peer-to-Peer networks. Not good...  During this time, against Universal complaint is Megaupload which has lobbied to remove certain video platforms the file hosting service MegaSong, in which big names of the song - for some signed in the Major - promote MU. A nice buzz for the hoster.

Finally, it is Orange which has news this week with the misunderstanding surrounding an imposed limitation on its subscribers optical fibre concurring 100 Mbps symmetric flow option. A phrase badly formulated on the website of the operator was suggesting that the line could be cut more than 1 TB of data exchanged. Despite everything, is finally not the case, and only a clamping of the 10 Mbps upload may be applied in the case of very large bandwidth consumption.


Get when artists make the pub of Megaupload, Universal is excited...

Finally, a small word on Microsoft, where some would well be Bill Gates back on the throne, instead of a Steve Ballmer who has less and less the rating among its employees. Note also two tests published by editorial this week, the case of Alpha, Tempest 210, and the map light Bookeen, Cybook Odyssey, just close our eBooks tests this year you can all be found on this page (Amazon Kindle, Cybook Orizon and OPUS, Sony PRS - T1 and Kobo by Fnac). Without forgetting our selection of Android apps to download on the Tablet freshly unpacked in a small week...

Read ailleurs…

Among our colleagues, we spotted testing keyboard mechanical Roswill in Pure-OC, the headset of game of Corsair revenge 1500 in TweakTown (that we will have soon the opportunity to test ourselves), and the AFN micro 4/3 NX200 of Samsung for Engadget that meets that of the Fujifilm X 10, very good compact expert tried by Clubic.

Carton RougeRed card: the guarantee of hard disks

As each week, we distribute finally a red card. After the policy of renaming of deplorable but repeated GPUS at Nvidia as in AMD, are manufacturers of hard drives in the CWB. And for cause, the latter come to decide to revise downward the length of warranty on most of their products.

If should of course get rate of failures and returns in order to analyse in depth the situation, it regrets, however, that Western Digital as Seagate have intent, effective January 1, 2012, to deprive consumers of precious months of warranty.

Because if it is a material element which is expensive, it is the disk storage. Not necessarily for its market value (what what clusters are worth gold, cf. the shortage), but for the data invaluable that it may contain between family photos, vacation and other valuable documents. More information on changes to security policies.

HP sells its latest TouchPad on eBay

Hewlett Packard will start selling a last batch of tactile TouchPad shelves packed on his eBay store.


After the media buzz and the crowding shops online that had caused great destocking of HP on its TouchPad touch tablets, here is that the American manufacturer provide a layer by proposing a last batch of products available only on his eBay store.

The operation will take place on Sunday 11 December 18 hours in the USA (Monday, 12 December 1 hour of the morning in France) and will therefore propose shelves packed in the same advantageous rates than previous sales $-99 the 16 GB and $ 149 32Go - but will impose many conditions: buy on shop HP of eBay with Paypal, limitation of two TouchPad per person accountwarranty of the product for 90 days and no return accepted article.

The quantity for sale has not been specified but it looks thin and HP will encourage its employees by giving them access to sale several minutes before the opening to the public. So that there is more chance of winning to the Euromillions…

A new Celeron...

Intel unveils a new processor in its Celeron line. 200 MHz in addition to the entry in 32 nm...


If any of the industry now has the gaze pointing on 2012 and including its kick-off will be given by the CES in Las Vegas early January, Intel takes advantage of this any end of year to announce the launch of a new Celeron under G460 reference. A chip of engraved entry in 32 nm embarking a single core processor 1.8 GHz, having two threads and operator 1.5 MB memory cache.

This processor includes an integrated Intel HD graphics circuit and displays a 35 W TDP. For 1000 units, the Celeron G460 is invoiced at the price of $ 37, and it therefore becomes a better case than the Celeron G440 who sold at the same price, is running at 1.6 GHz.

Microsoft: the return of Bill Gates?

Unconfirmed seem to indicate the return of Bill Gates to Microsoft controls. Hard to believe...

06 15gates ballmer lg

Yarn needle, the site Fortune predicted the return of Bill Gates as CEO of Microsoft... even if this is more than the fantasy of shareholders than anything else. They would indeed that the current President and CEO of the company leaves office at the earliest, hoping to revise upwards the current course of action that stagnant for too long to their liking.

Difficult however to believe a return to Bill Gates, well engaged in its foundation in the company of his wife. Knowing more continued to be part of Board of Directors, participating thus to the main decisions taken in the company of Redmond. For example we learned recently that it was he who had sealed the fate of the Courier tablet.

For or against the removal of Steve Ballmer? It is rather this question wants under hear Fortune. On the one hand, the multiple predictions or unforgettable phrases at the climb make him a CEO who is not deemed as sighted the future of the company. On the other, Windows 7 or Kinect are success stories that indicate that it is able to manoeuvre the ship in the right direction. Steve Ballmer could finally play its place with Windows 8 and the revolution that he intends to carry out, both in terms of interface and compatibility...

The 4 G, born dead mobile network?

The LTE, Long Term Evolution, new fourth generation mobile network, could have problems of fragmentation, making it less attractive.

In a study of the development of the LTE group Wireless Intelligence, carried out in the world, we will have 38 different bands for LTE, fourth generation of mobile network support. The fragmentation of this new technology can pose several problems ultimately.


Fragmentation of the LTE frequencies between 2011 and 2015

First concerned, operators who will have to accept to be elbow to elbow on the frequency bands, they are historically acquired or recently purchased. "Conflicts" may occur, primarily on the 700 MHz band. Is cited the case in the United States, of Verizon who will take the band 746 to 787 MHz while its competitor will operate the 704-746 MHz band, which could make more difficult the transition from a network to another. A small scale, is fully manageable by the operators, but the support of 38 frequencies is more problematic.

Second problem: roaming abroad. Indeed, if the phone supports only the operator its 4 G network, it will be difficult to support all the frequencies of all the countries of the world with the LTE with this mobile phone. Even if this can be corrected at the level of software in the antenna relay for the standardization of frequencies, what chips for mobile phones which are limited on the number of frequencies supported?

Finally, a recurrent information returns: the LTE frequencies would disrupt the GPS signals, even those of the TNT, which is not without many problems currently. Because it is still expected that more than 200 LTE networks in more than 70 countries are deployed by 2015. Hope that a global regulation could be affixed to all this, without which the future of 4 G might darken...

SSD: OCZ turns to Everest for her Petrol

OCZ launches new SSD in a Petrol line mixed SATA 6 Gbps, asynchronous Everest and MLC controller.

OCZ Petrol

OCZ continues to launch new disks flash operator Indilix Everest controller. After the Octane and Octane-S2, the Petrol are the third of its kind. They operate a SATA 6 Gbps interface and each engraved in 2 x nm NAND MLC asynchronous chips (such as the S2). A reminder, the Octane use, them, the synchronous MLC, while the S2 are SATA 3 Gbps. result, these OCZ Petrol should logically come to integrate between two ranges of Octane level of performance.

Our colleagues from compiled data to the constructor for these three lines of SSD in this table. In the end, only a tariff aggressive positioning of this Petrol range could give it the interest in the competitive marketplace of the DSS. Tableau OCZ Octane S2 Petrol

2012: the year of payment without contact in Europe?

The OJ in London could mark the great started the NFC on the old continent. Because for the moment, except a few local experiments, the "no contact" via mobile is developed.


The NFC is not yet implemented in our country. On the one hand, few smartphones are already equipped a NFC chip (while the SIM could fulfil this role in the future). On the other hand, the proposed around services are virtually non-existent, other in some cities-test where the NFC deployment began, but at the experimental level.

Therefore, the time has not yet come where it will validate his title of transport with his mobile, which will also be used to pay the note in the restaurant, in the Baker, etc., and will validate his ticket of cinema. And when one asks his banker if the bank account is put, often, he does even not know technology. There is therefore a real lack of information about the NFC for the moment.

Is that Google believes and account install its called Google Wallet - contactless payment system that already works at the United States in Europe. The Mountain View giant would begin by Britain, to cover the 2012 Olympics in London. Google said that from his point of view, it is very simple since it is sufficient just to install the free application Google Wallet and spend his mobile on a compatible Terminal (French Ingenico is partner). It is to ignore the actual deployment of the offer, and even if the site of the OJ is rife with compatible terminals, this will not be enough to launch the technology on the market. Google has yet full of ideas, as coupling the NFC with Google Offers to propose reductions and good plans in different business partners. It is even possible to directly manage its loyalty cards with the application, imagined as an electronic portfolio.

In France, Orange opposes Google Wallet by proposing its own NFC system. Its services without contact Director, Vincent Barnaud, directly attack the principle of operation of the system of Google. For him, the system is closed and manages transactions from end to end. Even if it is free, it saves each user consumption habits and can then sell them to companies wishing to know these consumption trends. With Orange, therefore advocates the confidentiality of data, directly prohibiting any operator or partner access to the data of the customers using the system of the historic operator. The remuneration of service contracts associated with payment terminals, in part.

Finally, PayPal, another great actor of the payment on the Internet, indicates that it expects that technology is implemented for trade to be open. For the moment, the company sought rather in another direction, with for example, a payment by SMS for vending machines or by a bank card reader still connected to the mobile phone. It thus appears that the war of the NFC is only beginning.

The point on the week of

Ultrabooks, aluminum, Kepler, Zalman, 4 TB, Windows Store, 14 nm, Phenom II... Some of the keywords of the week for a news reviewed and corrected.

Yet a week loaded with computer and high-tech, news which ended with us with the publication of our selection of Christmas on devices, in which we have not dared integrate the new design toy signed Art Lebedev to €750. Side hardware, the news made reassuring for hard drives with a production that starts in Thailand while Hitachi is facing this difficult time to launch a 4 To disk. SSD manufacturers are not in rest, anxious to better position themselves on a booming market. Result, we learn that Intel could choose a SandForce controller for its upcoming flash drives, while Zalman precisely launches a new range based on chip memory Intel and SF-2200, without forgetting the new SuperTalent attractive models on paper or Western Digital that installs a new centre of R & D for DSS. For info, we have resumed testing of SSD and should publish a first article standard, fast enough to propose later regularly testing of flash drives coming out.

illustration05          Lian Li PCTU200 (20).JPG          Toshiba Z830 (11).JPG

ZOTAC GTX 580 3 GB, Lian Li PC-TU200 and Toshiba Z830, our tests of the week...

It was also a week of hectic on graphics cards. Necessarily, 28 nm of the Radeon HD 7000 of AMD chips are in approach, and the rumour evokes the prices of these cards, a first picture appeared on the canvas. 7600M HD even appeared in some notebook PC manufacturers options, while in Nvidia the roadmap of Kepler, 28 nm of the Chameleon, is a little unveiled. This is the test of a GeForce GTX 580 with 3 GB of memory that we have proposed to you early in the week. Confirmation that the surplus memory is not used much. A card that does not fall in case PC-TU200 way of Lian-Li Briefcase also passed by our lab this week.

On the CPU, this is the 22 nm which is pouring ink, with interesting leaks regarding the Ivy Bridge Mobile Intel, and even 14 nm referred to by the skier who is also planning the extinction of the processors on socket LGA 1366 and 1156 to the end of year 2012. Meanwhile, AMD apologizes to have overstated the number of transistors of its FX-Series on Bulldozer architecture. Criticized in their launch processors which visibly work rather well in shops, so also that AMD is obliged to give them priority on its aging Ahtlon II and Phenom II, neglected.

hp-folio13frontrightopen     LG_X_note-Z330_001

HP and LG will soon land on the market of the ultrabooks...

Another major theme in the news: the ultrabooks. Moving around these portable ultra-fine who will be the next of these Las Vegas stars (talking about 40 announced models!). We have this week released our test of the Toshiba Z830, third ultrabook to pass our hands after the S3 Acer and Asus UX31. And it makes not, far from it. While we triturions this machine, Acer announced consider stopping the entry on the ultrabooks, not profitable enough, and he murmurait that AMD was preparing its response in developing a form identical to the one pushed by Intel, but around his house APU. Finally, we have read on Folio 13 HP price, when LG presented his ultrabook: X - Note Z330.

And the matos?

Microsoft Build 2011 (9)Finally, Windows 8, and Free Mobile were both large topics in software and telephony. The operating system of Microsoft will develop well shop for applications in the next version, including the ARM tablets-oriented. The Publisher presented this Store, which will have a said kill-switch mechanism, while some analysts are seriously starting to question the success of the OS to its output next year. For them, not enough new features and a confused integration compatibility ARM could seal the commercial fate of Windows 8.

For Free Mobile, the big rumour of the time would effective December 17, Free subscribers begin to receive - without anything - a card SIM Free Mobile incorporating a time offered. A strategy which, if it is confirmed, would certainly mark the spirits for the launch of the fourth French mobile operator, which is intended to be the troublemaker of the sector.

Read also...

Among our colleagues, some articles have caught our attention this week. The Geek log launched the week on the hats of wheels with the Nexus of Samsung Galaxy under Android 4.0 test. Engadget Americans tested Kobo Vox, a Tablet eReader just walking on the flat bands of Fire Kindle and the Nook, but also the Xoom 2 of Motorola, we had ourselves taken in hand there are few. In Tom's Hardware, a folder is interested in cooling of the housing, while Cowcotland farm tested the AI6 Anidées (in French this time therefore). Finally, a somewhat apart in BenchmarkReviews article, devoted to the SteelSeries DESMO glasses, thoughts to mitigate to a screen visual fatigue and allow players to stay focus for hours without migraines...

Carton RougeRed card: the renaming of mobile GPUS

This week, Nvidia and AMD have both introduced their new mobile GPU: 600 M GeForce and Radeon HD 7000M. However, not 28 nm for these chips and not new architectures. Worse, no significant performance gains to wait. How? The magic of renaming many maps course, which allows these manufacturers sell novelty hiding in fact of aging cards. Result, as at each time, the non-savvy consumers are unfortunately mistaken and believe pay to offer recent and high-performance, equipment wrongly!

However, one would think that the arrival of 28 nm graphics processor would allow Nvidia and AMD to avoid this masquerade this year, but it had to be honoring the new lines of laptops from manufacturers, and since real new mobile GPUS are ready, take this opportunity to rename the old cards in the new range. Thus for example, magic of marketing, the GeForce GT 555 M becomes the GT 635 M but is equipped with a GF106 chip 40 nm with the same number of units of calculation, to texturing, the same memory, the same bandwidth and the same frequencies. The worst? Is that this GT 555 M was itself already a renaming of the GT 445 M... When in AMD, entry cards and mid range of the HD 6000M family become 7000M HD.

However, it is not known if the frequencies will be modified by AMD. Indeed, the two manufacturers are likely to alter the frequencies of their cards according to the needs of assemblers of portable computers. It will be spring see disembark on portable computers the first GPU engraved at 28 nm. But the marketing, he has no time to wait to sell machines.

HPTX + mini-ITX: Xilence 1 2 enclosure

The Interceptor Pro of Xilence is original, including Mount mini-ITX and configuration HPTX configuration.

It often scoffs the lack of originality of the manufacturers of STBs, at the time German Xilence has decided to develop a completely different model of what one can see usual. His Pro Interceptor incorporates indeed a wide location that can host a configuration in the format HPTX (cards-mothers that the ATX, a format invented by EVGA for its bi - CPU cards), but also a second location in the upper compartment can accommodate a mini-ITX configuration.

Where a single configuration is installed, this space can be used to add 2 bays 5.25 "and 4 bays including 2 hot-swap 3.5". In addition, it can receive 4 120 mm and up to 2 230 mm fans, fans, or one to two massive water cooling radiators.

To the top, can be thus mount configuration bi - GPU allowing a quad SLI/CrossFireX, with above a small mini-ITX configuration. The big play, small for surfing, for example. Damage to €299, the Interceptor Pro integrates not a KVM switch to pursue his idea and allow to control the two config' with a single keyboard-mouse kit.

Xilence Interceptor Pro (2)      Xilence Interceptor Pro (3)      Xilence Interceptor Pro (1)

Of the EyeFinity within €60, and fanless

Manage display on three screens without ruining you with Sapphire and its Radeon HD 6450 FleX

For those who use their machines otherwise to make the game 3D (in publishing and finance for example) and who wish to benefit from a display on three screens, Sapphire fate its Radeon HD 6450 Flex to connect easily three monitors with Eyefinity mode.

Tiny, she embarks a GPU running at 625 Mhz, 160 stream processors, 1 GB of DDR3 64-bit, 1600 Mhz and is surmounted by a passive cooling system. It offers three video outputs: a single-link DVI port, a dual-link DVI and HDMI 1 4 port. The card is delivered with a HDMI to DVI adapter, a square low - profile and will be available soon for a tariff contained 55 euros.

radeon-hd6450_flex     radeon-hd6450_flex02     

Free Mobile: Xavier Niel advance a deadline

The Free pattern, Xavier Niel, silenced rumours on the launch of its mobile offers and advance himself a date…


"Before January 15" he said at the event Web ' 11, bringing together all actors key of the Internet, which is held in Paris from 7 to December 9. Xavier Niel thus silenced rumours, including that put forward last week State of sending by mail, from 17 December, of SIM cards equipped with ADSL subscribers of Freebox.

This niche by Xavier Niel is deliberately vague and does not advance the schmilblick. However it has maintained its commitment to propose always twice cheaper than its competitors offers! "This is not serious, you have not lowered your prices" said to its competitors. "If there are 7 offers €, we'll be at €3.50 (...)" When you see the train of screws of these companies, service cars, etc. "We can be less expensive" it adds to the micro ITespresso.

In short, not shattering revelation but one thing is certain, the effective date of the launch of Free Mobile, rumors go always good train and is the best may be just be patient and do not to rehire in its current operator without knowing what he returns really...

Tablets: the screen to differentiate in 2012?

Small update on the developments to wait on the shelves in 2012, in particular concerning the rise in screen resolution.


2012 should not only see the resolutions of the screens of touch tablets will increase, but should also be the year of the diversification of the sizes of tiles between 7 "and the" 11.6. It is, according to the sources of the DigiTimes, a crucial point that currently all marks, aware that the touch screen is the element of a tablet that can develop on the market. They would therefore seek to enter into partnerships with providers of screens on formats somewhat ignored by the market today, for slabs while displaying high resolutions.

It must be said that with growth expected at 60% for 2012 - and some 95 million units sold - market shelves promises to become more competitive than ever. Above all, manufacturers hope to finally succeed to find the formula that would allow their models really compete with the Apple iPad which, for example, still accounts for 7 tablets sold on 10 on the end of 2011 in Europe. According to studies that circulate internally among manufacturers, in 2012, it should sell iPad 57 million, 10 million Fire Kindle and Nook, 9 to 10 million of Galaxy Pad and about 1 million Sony Tablet...

Manufacturers of PC that are Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP or Dell, should they sell a total of 8.5 to 9 million tablets in 2012, while mobile handsets such as RIM, HTC or Motorola specialists should sell less than 5 million.

At the time, this promises to move a lot on the market. And if Apple should remain on a "9.7 with his hypothetical iPad format definition 3 rise to 2048 x 1536 pixels, other manufacturers would second some 10.1" and the "8.9 to try other formats. However, we learn that manufacturers will continue to opt for the "10.1 could pass on a definition of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Indeed, according to DigiTime, if average resolution of Tablet screens is currently about 150 PPPs, should climb to 200 dpi in 2012.