Mithos: car of the future, teleportation and levitation

The Portuguese industrial designer Tiago Miguel Inacio work perhaps in the unattainable, in the unimaginable, in a different sphere than our lives very shore land. In all cases, it offers dream lovers of beautiful displacements and both worse if his creations will never see the day both they respect no physical law. Today, maybe Tiago Miguel Inacio is truly ahead of its time, and in thousands of years, on another Galaxy, the supercar would have found its place.

The Mithos embarks a current engine induction élétromagnétique 1.5 megawatts or, in words, 2011 horses. He only he takes 2.1 seconds to reach 100 km/h and can go up to 397 km/h in 12 seconds...

The Mithos has so much under the hood, and should delight fans of speed and sensations. Clumsy drivers also, those struggling to make a niche, which unfortunately type a pillar. Its body is produced in a carbon material shape memory. An accident and your car resumes its original line... Another comfort, the Mithos incorporates a scan as the State of the road. Suspensions are adapting, on the ground, potholes to perfection of the road...

Mithos concept car (3)

But, where the car is particularly distinguished, is on his teleportation system. Thanks to the teleportation relay stations network, which runs the streets is it not, you can get anywhere quickly, with good suspensions while ignoring the various obstacles during your trip.

And that's not all... The Mythos has the means to léviter above ground with the Quantum Boost technology, and can reach, in this way the 655 km/h. With all these capabilities, it expected not to what it is quickly put on the market. But she is dreaming, it is certain.

Mithos concept car (1) Mithos concept car (2)



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