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Anidées, Hadopi, Ivy Bridge, LCD, DRAM, fracture digital, very high speed... Some of the key words of the week, for a news reviewed and corrected.

If for some holiday start, for others, it is time to make a point on the last week. We are not going to complain, we like it! Especially that there were things interesting to read on PCWorld.fr this week, such as testing versions MMO of very good devices of Corsair (M90 Vengeance and revenge K90 keyboard mouse), our review of the case of the new brand Anidées passage or the test of the Radeon HD 7770 and 7750, AMD graphics cards. Not to mention the SanDisk interview following the announcement of a DSS to the very interesting price/performance ratio on the paper. Tests that call others, because next week - except last minute change - we will propose you the tests of the 2 Xoom from Motorola, the GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2 GB Club 3D and the portable Samsung series 7 times, not to mention a broad account of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on a HP TouchPad Tablet experience.

AMD Radeon HD 7700 (3).JPG     anidees-A16-cote-interieur-cable-001

Tests and news...

Side news, what does hold? Essentially, rumours and product announcements aside, a decade of significant titles. The video codec H.265 is revealed, The Pirate Bay that is an arm of honour at his critics by disseminating a copy of its site in a 90 MB file, while the Hadopi passes to justice the first records, Hadopi which cost 2.5 million euros to the ISP in 2011, while the State deigns compensate them. We also discussed the future of the Samsung LCD sector, largely deficit, and the likely closure of Elpida, Japanese giant of DRAM. It also learned that Intel would intend to push back deliveries of its Ivy Bridge processors after the month of June. Return to France where senators voted for a Bill to re-planning of the digital land-use planning, including in favour of very high speed for all. About Free Mobile, he always talk about. A meeting was organized with Orange about homelessness since the extremely rapid recruitment of Free Mobile (previously 1.5 million subscribers) is not without impact on the Orange network, which showed its limits in a serious incident.

Read elsewhere...

The test of the Venom of Akasa in Cowcotland 750W power
Case Antec Eleven Hundred in Clubic test
The test of the Philips monitor E - line 23 "in the digital
The test of the Canon PowerShot G1 X in Engadget

Carton RougeRed card: Internet social & "unlimited"

It is not we who are distributing the cartons this week, but consumers association UFC - that choose that is place in arbitrator and we calls on two aberrations striking. The first concerns the social France Internet tariff, for the most precarious and sensible citizens reduce the digital divide. Or, €23 per month, the offer of Orange for the beneficiaries of the RSA is too expensive.

The definition of unlimited, is always quite different telephone operators of the dictionary. Whether they love power putting up their advertising posters of this concept, in the small lines, the unlimited is often limited (more or less strongly). We therefore support the UFC-Que choose who asked what things are clarified, that the unlimited become really, or at least that operators openly display restrictions they put in place, in order not to penalize those who will never read the very small lines of their contracts.


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