The Vertex 3 SSD are low profile

OCZ adds new references to its range of SSD Vertex 3, 7 mm thick.

OCZ Vertex 3 LP

After democratization discs format 2.5-inch 9.5 mm in thickness, more and more discs pass on only 7 mm thick, and it is not exclusively of DSS. And if Intel wants to see manufacturers of disks go even further in the finesse, for honing always more notebooks chassis, manufacturers recognize that the future is - as a first step - 7 mm thick disk. This growing OCZ to propose a new range of Vertex 3 baptized LP for "Low Profile".

Vertex 3 LP which enclosure is therefore, that 7 mm thick, and are therefore compatible with models Ultrabooks or Netbooks too fine to integrate 9.5 mm thick discs. Performance, is Vertex 3 everything there is of more conventional interface SATA with chips III MLC memory and controller SandForce 2281. Capacity ranging from 60 to 480 GB are proposed, and the price should remain those of the classical Vertex 3.

On our street-Hardware price comparator, the classical model of Vertex 3 of 60 GB is from €79, and 480 GB from €611. The 120 GB is sold from €118 and the 240 GB from €239. Two models on which it is therefore very close to the ratio price €1 / GB.


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