All ready for Diablo III?

Fans are nervous waiting for Diablo III. There are more than a few hours to wait for the launch event.

One might almost already prepare the news that we will post in a few days and will give the figures for record sales of Diablo III, another episode of the hack & slash of the Blizzard. The output of the set, scheduled tomorrow Tuesday May 15, is clearly one of the main events of the year gaming PC (and Mac, but good...) and there is no doubt that the title will be sold by whole pallets. A few hours of the grand launch, players are eager and seek to get the latest news. Many had pré-commandé it, but if you have not yet made your arrangements to buy Diablo III, be aware that several choices are available to you.

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Including sold in direct download by Blizzard store of its portal (€59.99) to play as soon as the servers online, expected for 00: 01 that night. This should of course have downloaded the game and launched its facility, which will be possible according to Bashiok from 17 h 01 today. For the moment, the message "fire fall always sky." "Diablo III is not yet out" is still available.

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If you prefer to retrieve a box of the game and this last pressed on DVD, you can always opt for online merchants, provided that it not be too hurried. Among them, Amazon is - as often - one of the most interesting choices, as Diablo III is sold €45 (in free shipping). A good opportunity to save a few euros to invest in a good mouse, because with Diablo III, it will click dry!

Finally, for players installed, the more impatient Paris region, and those who want to live an event with their peers the licence of Blizzard fans there is the possibility to go to the tail on the Champs-Elysées to the Fnac to be able to buy the game for the exceptional opening of the shop for the launch of Diablo III from midnight. As always with this kind of launches, the leader will begin to fill well before and will be implemented to wait the customers in a festive atmosphere.

Of course, we will propose you as soon as possible our test of Diablo III, but not before the release of the game and be able to properly play. As with Blizzard, there are no rules, even the press does not have access to the final game before the opening of the servers... It is like you, was looking forward to!


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