The developers princpaux of Enyo for WebOS spend in Google

Google concerned services of the small group of developers who developed the Enyo, WebOS application framework.

Most of the members of the team of engineers in charge of Enyo - WebOS in HTML5 application framework that had debuted on TouchPad - will leave HP to join Google, and this in the coming weeks. It is not clear to anticipate the consequences of these departures on the Open WebOS project, to date as one mind that HP drew a road map leading to the release of the code of WebOS in an "Open" version expected to be finalized in September. Because indeed, Enyo and its developers are at the heart of HP's Open Source strategies.


In the same way, what Google will occupy its new developers coming from HP? It is not known at this time, but logically, this team should move closer to engineers in charge of Android. Indeed, many say that Android has perhaps things to learn from WebOS, a system which - despite his quick abandonment - was able to convince many observers and mobile systems specialists. It is also possible to find them affiliated with the Chrome section, to work on the framework developers of the Chrome Web Store.


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