E3: A Nintendo Conference mixed blessing.

After the average benefits of its two competitors, and a first implementation rather successful mouth, Nintendo had more than make rugs for the implementation of this E3. Lack of pot, the Japanese no longer had nothing in his game.

In the continuity of a first exit Sunday evening which was designed to demonstrate the technological superiority of the Wii on its competitors, Nintendo had to prove now that all these great advances were not simply there to make nice, but would be well laid by an armada of games all more sexy than others. A goal that you will not hesitate to characterize as missed, both the proposed line-up has been struggling to raise the approval of the crowds.

E3 Nintendo 01 E3 Nintendo 02 mod

Thus, Nintendo will be announced not less than 23 titles for its new console. Yet, if the gross figure appears attractive, things are much less interesting when there is interest in the games it includes: there are indeed is very classic Nintendo licenses, such as New Super Mario Bros.. U, is from third-party titles and not really first youth. And so it will not present in question the intrinsic quality of a Batman Arkham City or a Mass Effect 3, as it is not clear that the Nintendo console gives us really want to plunge back us there, a few months after have bouclé them.

E3 Nintendo 04 E3 Nintendo 03

The Japanese editor well tried to correct shooting by reserving a large part of his presentation to Pikmin 3 and Nintendoland, a party game involving a dozen of mini games, and integrating of many iconic characters of the mark, such as Zelda, and Donkey Kong. But then again, difficult to ignite, especially when seen the day before this thunderous Watch Dogs of Ubisoft. Indeed, note in this regard that it is likely the French editor who will best fired his pin of the set of conferences. While maintaining his own show, very successful however, Ubisoft will have taken care to invite in each of the three conferences of constructor, to leave its footprint. In the case of Nintendo, with ZombiU that the editor will be imposed, the title that shows strong integration of the Wii U Gamepad, using it such as scanner to give a different view of what appears on the screen, or to simulate a terminal to hacker a protected door.


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