Asus announces its transforming Book

A laptop that turns into shelf, until then everything is normal in ASUS, but here the concept goes further embarking a processor Intel Ivy Bridge and dedicated graphics, nothing out!

asus-transformer-book-affiche-computex-2012ASUS can still surprise with its new tablet, laptop instead, finally Tablet still. Even if the concept is already known, ASUS has revisited here its Tablet transform in giving like simply to a classic laptop components, chip Intel Ivy Bridge to 17 Watts TDP and even additional according to manufacturer's graphics chip, but always keeping the ability to detach the screen from his basement.

At the level of the internal components which must logically to hide behind the screen, we will have a disc SSD with a capacity not communicated at this time for 11.3 inch, 13.3-inch and 14-inch slab. It is therefore well three adaptations of the new product called for the ASUS transform Book opportunity. Requires Intel chip, the operating system will be Windows 8 in its classical version, not RT. On the graphic part, we believe that the manufacturer will offer hybridization complete with the Intel HD 4000 part coupled in the processor when the Book transforming is in tablet mode and the graphical chip dedicated or added with the Lucid VirtuMVP, which would offer a good compromise in the two modes to combine autonomy and performance.


At the time of its presentation to the 2012 Computex, ASUS is whether this is still a prototype and the choice component, design and functionality can be reviewed entirely by commercial exit for Christmas if everything is proceeding as planned. Given that it is still only a prototype, ASUS has of course not yet communicated on the price of such a machine, but we hope that it will not exceed the €1000.


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