Gigabyte: the Thunderbolt and the LGA2011 program

Two ports Thunderbolt on one side and the LGA2011 of the other to four motherboards signed Gigabyte.

The Thunderbolt is the honour in Gigabyte with these two new motherboards named for the occasion GA-Z77X-UP4 TH and GA-Z77X-UP5 TH. Two, these two Intel ports to mini DisplayPort format to transmit data at high speed 10 Gb/s maximum. This technology allows the chaining of equipment to associate several external hard drives and a screen at the end of chain for example. They are in total not less than six devices that can be connected to each port Thunderbolt. Intel offers also via its port out the video stream it, but for the moment, very few screens support mini-DisplayPort and it will then be necessary to go through a mini-DisplayPort/DisplayPort adapter to make this work.

For the rest of the specifications of these two motherboards, we find the new Ultra Durable 5 range by that we introduced yesterday with its 32 floors of food, the GA-X77X-UP7 with the same control chip, the PowIrstage IR3550. With its socket LGA 1155, they can allow the latest processors Intel Ivy Bridge without problem and four benches up to 2400 MHz compatible XMP DDR3 memory. Three ports PCI-Express 16 x with a wired in 8 x and the last 4 x, as well as three other ports PCI-e 1 x which will be overshadowed by graphics cards if all 16 ports x are occupied. For the rest of these connectors on these two motherboards, we can compare the maps of the manufacturer already launched as the GA-Z77X-UD5H which offers no port Thunderbolt, the difference only on this point.


The presentation of these two maps to the 2012 Computex Gigabyte not yet contacted public prices for these, but should at least rely on a rate around $ 150 if not more...

Always in Gigabyte, our colleagues from TechPowerUp put hand on two other models under the name Ultra Durable 5, but this time with a LGA 2011 socket for processors Intel Sandy Bridge-E. If not there for new processors Ivy Bridge, the famous manufacturer offers new models for the previous generation with its components offering superior life. The references for these two new models are GA-X79S-UP5 WiFi and GA-X 79-UP4.

Must be sold below $ 300 with features seven floors of food always driven by the same PowIRstage IR3550, eight benches memory chip the DDR3 for in quadruple channels and four ports PCI-Express 3.0 x 16 cabled 16 x / 8 x / 16 x / 8 x. UP5 WiFi version, as its name indicates, it has an additional WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 card and eight floors of food instead of seven for his little sister. For the rest, the specifications are similar, but we were not aware of the price, which must be no surprise a little higher.



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