Legal MegaUpload files can be recovered...

... under condition that the judge is in agreement and that the files in question are not subject to the rights of intellectual property according to the criteria of the MPAA.

Megaupload 1On 19 January, the FBI closes the image hosting MegaUpload servers. Thousands of users found themselves taken hostage by the American authorities as being more able to retrieve their files deposited in the claimant.

Since a few months, the complaints of users increases, the other the technical provider that holds MegaUpload servers found with petabytes of data without being able to remove them because they are still under seal by the American authorities with a daily cost of $ 9,000 dependants for the moment.

But coup de theatre, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) which is part of the complainants in the trial of MegaUpload decides to respond to users adversely affected in the case. A simple letter But it is not, because the MPAA wants to release the lawful user files "If the Court allows such a measure, precautions must be taken to ensure that no copy of content copyrighted on MegaUpload servers be made available to the all."

Need then to develop a fine comb to move to screen all the files stored to free one by one each file considered lawful by the MPAA and and return them to the bucket account. Something that millions of users will appreciate, although you will have to wait long before the situation becomes really unchoked.


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