Surcouf is for sale

The sign of high-tech products Surcouf, judicial relief, now sell all of its six stores.

logo-surcoufSurcouf, the distribution group of high-tech products, in receivership since February, is now fully on sale.

The sign, property of the Mulliez (Auchan) Group had until June 6, 2012 to find a buyer for three of its stores (Paris, Bordeaux and Lille) but no negotiations with traditions and therefore without any buyer, the Tribunal de Commerce de Lille has developed the Surcouf company in liquidation.

According to the press release of the sign: "the degradation of the turnover, directly affecting the cash plus the non-réalisation of partial assignments, requires to implement a procedure of total transfer of the undertaking, validated by the commercial court on Wednesday".

The company, which currently has six stores in France and has 500 employees, has therefore will now a month, until July 5, 2012, to find a buyer or the company be permanently the key under the door. The end of an era...


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