Ultrabooks in danger?

Apple obtained the validation of a patent protecting the design profile of the MacBook Air which could be evil ultrabooks manufacturers.

After will the war of the patents related to smartphones and touch tablets setting out trial with armies of lawyers to support, the company Apple now tackle the ultrabooks?

Indeed, the mark Apple comes to obtain validation of a patent for the "water drop" design of the MacBook Air, the ultrafine laptop. Thus according to the patent referenced D661, 296 searchable PDF, the form contoured the machine of Apple, with thicker than the much finer front part back with the hinges of the screen, now part of its intellectual property.

design-macbookair      asus-zenbook-ux31a-ultrabook

Is the Zenbook of Asus in danger?

The Cupertino firm has therefore now the means to curb the enthusiasm of some manufacturers to ultrabooks approaching to too much of the design of their creation, thought to Asus with its premium Zenbook, Acer Aspire S7 or HP and its Envy spectrum XT.


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