Samsung joins the Linux Foundation

A new arrival in the Board of Directors of the Linux Foundation and not least, Samsung!


For memory, the Linux Foundation established in 2007 brings developers the world over as the prominent Linus Torvalds to guide the future development of the Linux kernel. The Foundation now has about 70 members, such as HP, IBM, AMD, Oracle or even NVIDIA recently.

Should now count on Samsung comes to Silver member member Platinum with the contribution of $ 500,000 per year to the Foundation. The Platinum level crossing allows to sit on the Board of Directors and, therefore, to make decisions on the development of the Linux kernel, but also on the progress of the Foundation strategy.

Tizen project in Pocket in collaboration with Intel, Samsung seems to want to offer - take hand impose? -, its choice of the development of the kernel to be more in line with its products which fly its mobile operating system. But we also believe the Korean giant is looking to shed more in addition to the links connecting with Google because the commercialization of its smartphones under Android impose too many constraints. The hands-free, Samsung may follow its own schedule for development of its products without having to be forced to follow another firm such as Google Calendar.


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