Mount a PC fanless with Akasa

This is a small case is happening fan.

It is at the Computex that Akasa manufacturer unveiled a passive housing. Named Euler, in mini-ITX format, it in fact has a mainly consisting aluminum block that is adossera on the CPU. The hull, it also in aluminium, therefore serves as a giant heatsink. Inevitably, it will not abuse the thermal capacity of the beast. We do not yet have precise information on the maximum TDP that will bear the Akasa. More may install a disk 2.5 inch and a drive optical slim. Measuring 228 x 187 x 61.5 mm, the Akasa Euler AX-ITX05 will be available later this year at a yet unknown price.

For lovers of fanless, remember still that the Zalmann package unfortunately always found no successor. Released in 2004, this package could allow a motherboard in the ATX, a processor classic with a TDP that can mount up to 150 Watts, a GPU from 75 Watts and a chipset with a TDP of 20 Watts, all cooled passively entirely without any fan.



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