Microsoft updates Windows virus Flame

The firm of Redmond has released a critical update for Windows to stop the Flame virus.

pompier-feuMicrosoft has developed a patch, available in Windows Update as important update (KB2718704), to correct a fault of its operating system used by Flame which allowed him to live as if it were a legitimate application.

The malware described by the expert in computer security, Kaspersky, as "the third weapon computer the most sophisticated ever seen at the global level" after Stuxnet and Duqu allows indeed to collect data remotely, intervene on the computer settings, activate certain devices of a PC (microphone, webcam) to save conversations, make screen shots or even connect to Instant Messaging.

The patch is available by update module integrated Windows but also for download here. Even if Flame is very localized to the close and Middle East and can already be eradicated by a majority of antivirus, it is better to prevent than cure and immediately install the update available for all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and Server).


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