How to install Diablo 3 on Linux

Who said that the Penguin was sealed to video games? Developers show the contrary with an installer that facilitates the lives of players under Linux. There is more than to follow the step to step.


Debatable or not, Blizzard is not its games under Linux. Perhaps you would have you buy the largest hack'n slash of all time if you could play. The phrase has no meaning? But this is what's going through the head of some Wheeler. The debate is not, let's see how to install the game on this non-native environment!

Before you begin, it is important to note that some libraries are missing on Linux 64 bit, only 32 bit systems may run Diablo III by this method. Also note that the installation was conducted under Ubuntu 12.04 PlayOnLinux software. This allows, according to the definition of the developers, to install and easily use of many games and software provided to run exclusively on Windows normally.

PlayOnLinux is responsible to install Wine and everything what will be useful for your Windows applications quickly and easily. Once installed, you can access a list of games or software according to its category. When you select one, PlayOnLinux loads an automatic script and proposed to start the installation for you.

The installable games available, include in some: League of Legends, Warcraft III, Adibou 2, SimCity 2000, Mass Effect 2, Portal 2 and many others... PlayOnLinux focuses primarily on the videogame universe but does not exclude applications Office, graphics, utilities and other joys usually reserved for the Windosiens. It's always good to take.

The screenshots below have been directed by softpedia, original author of this tutorial.

Install the latest version of PlayOnLinux. To do this, it is sufficient to consult the site download page and choose the correct version according to your Linux distribution.

If you have the DVD version, will have to mount the device manually with the unhide option (also shows hidden files and the extension files):

Mount SW rw, unhide, uid = 0 gid = 0, umask = 0, users/dev/mondisque/mnt/cdrom

Otherwise, you can download the installer from your account. Then simply right click the executable and select "open with Wine".


Now start PlayOnLinux and type "diablo" in the search bar. It remains only to follow the guide as on Windows. Who said "Next, Next, Next, Ok"?


Choose the installation method: files or DVD


The launcher is running

The actual installation begins


If ever a 3007 error appeared, please type the following command:

echo 0|sudo tee/proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

The installation will not work necessarily as expected in all users. In the game or launch problems may be encountered. Already on Windows it doesn't work every time... Let's not be too critical towards this beautiful initiative and appreciate rather the work conducted by the community. Good game!

> More information on the French page of playonlinux


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