Incredible 680 in Colorful GTX

Colorful exposes two models of graphics cards GTX 680 out of the ordinary on its stand on Computex, 2012.

The Colorful brand plays in the sheer scale with two GTX 680 models that it exposes on its stand on 2012 Computex in Taipei.


gtx-680-colorful-computex2012-01    gtx-680-colorful-computex2012-06    gtx-680-colorful-computex2012-07    gtx-680-colorful-computex2012-04

Indeed, the first card is equipped with a metal housing with in its Center a fan and not less than 26 heat pipes of which 10 are adjustable and can be connected to 5 additional heaters removable, design to the Steam Punk therefore. But this is not finished, the fan can disassemble to deposit to place a bucket for liquid nitrogen which is then based on the plate of copper in direct contact with the GPU. Certainly this modular map places which is unfortunately than a concept. Finally, we never know perhaps it disembark a day in store.


The second card present on the stand is also very original and huge, which this time is totally fanless. This GeForce GTX 680 is equipped with a particularly imposing passive cooling ranging and part of the map system. The PCB is actually totally covered with a huge radiator which is already in itself big maousse and more, which can accommodate via a kind of bridge SLI to 6 heat pipes also imposing a second radiator that the first on the back of the card to increase the cooling capacity. How combine power and silence, Colorful proposes a solution. For elegance, only the client deems.


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