E3: Microsoft opens the ball of conferences

It seems that this Conference Microsoft lacked a bit of salt. We, it found great! The turning of jacket, a small revenge, and games, of course. That ask more?

It is therefore in the hushed setting of a luxurious Paris apartment, a packet of chips in hand and plunged to the bottom of well plush couch that we attended this first Conference E3, that of the Microsoft constructor. The Redmond giant has already announced that he would no announcement on a future console, large mass naturally focused on existing products, and in particular Kinect. It will have learned that EA Sport intended to integrate further way part speech recognition of the system on the games of its catalogue. For example, on a 13 FIFA, or a Madden NFL 13, it should be possible to change the composition of a team, and his organization, on simple request oral. This is which promises beautiful lyrical flights, of the genus "go, Gignac, you determined, you have too no! In the same vein, the next Splinter Cell, called "blacklist", will propose to use this bias to order tactical strikes, or program of diversions. And of course, the feast of the Kinect would not complete without the announcement of a new extreme Sport widget I have-envy-of-me-move-but-step-too. It is therefore with a barely concealed joy that we present your next tool to lose weight and make the sport without leaving your living room: the Nike + Kinect Training. It should arrive just in time to help you eliminate the excesses of the next holiday year.

E3 Microsoft 04 E3 Microsoft 03

Outside the purely playful aspect, Microsoft also intended to give a more open, more multimedia dimension to its console. This will be the integration of a Web browser (a sacred reversal!) Par_ailleurs, surprisingly: the choice of the editor does not came on Firefox or Google Chrome...), but also and especially by the arrival of the SmartGlass system, allowing many interactions between the console, and mobile media, tablets, and other Smartphones. Of course, any resemblance to Nintendo's Wii U Gamepad would be purely accidental (that said, it was good war, the Japanese publisher did not hesitate before him prick his pad design). More specifically, it is sufficient to install a common application on each device (it should work both under Windows and Windows Phone, under iOs or Androïd), then use the devices said to fly his remote console, take control of a game in real time, or transfer the viewing of a film of one medium to another.

E3 Microsoft 01 E3 Microsoft 02

Finally side game, Microsoft has been relatively short, with only 3 exclusive, which is not much for the moment: LocoCycle, Matter, and Ascend: New Gods. For the rest, it was the already seen or known: Halo 4, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Resident Evil 6, or Gears of War: Judgment... Games, they would have been so much more beautiful if it had the decency to present on PC. Well, it remained well for you comment on performance on stage of Usher for the promotion of Dance Central 3, but there are more chips. What a pity...


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