J & W M001: and a PC fanless more!

Minicomputers and also fanless solutions different they are, undoubtedly this year...

The evolution of less consumer energy technologies and thus dispelling less heat helps builders compete ingenuity to miniaturize computers. Want to make a more compact machine is not new in itself. Since the start of the computer age, this is what manufacturers are attempting to make to the sons of the years. However, we can note that recent months have been rich presentation of this type of computers compact, no bigger than a credit card, the graphics fanless more powerful or boxes designed to cool in a passive manner, which are therefore more and more on the market.

Format nano-ITX (135 x 128 x 45 mm), grosso-modo the size of your hand, J & W launches a new computer called the M001 which remains very well equipped despite its small size. He reminded also the NUC Intel presented to us last May.

According to the adaptations, the CPU may be a D2550 Atom or a 2800. It can accommodate a bar of DDR3 SO-DIMM format and a 2.5 inch (SATA 3 GB/s) disk.

jw-m001_1             jw-m001_2

Input/output level, there a card reader, HDMI of VGA, a RS232, three USB 2.0 port, a Gigabit Ethernet connector and WiFi 802.11 a/b/g and n ready to use with the plug for the antenna on the side.

The model first prize system to €120, and will carry a D2550 Atom and 2 GB memory. Another version will be available with a 2800 and a SSD of 32Go. A complete PC with characteristics similar to a netbook for a price of €120 for a silence, this seems reasonable?


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