Firefox 13.0 in the final, full of new features

The Mozilla Foundation does not punching and already released version 13 of their web browser that brings its lot of new ergonomic features and practices.

After several successive beta versions since the end of April, it is today that comes out the final version of Firefox 13.0.

Web browser from the Mozilla Foundation offers its batch of graphic, ergonomic improvements and practices such as a redesigned home page giving access visually and to main features as icons at the bottom of the screen (downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, browser etc settings) quickly.


The opening of a new tab also appear a (Speed Dial) mosaic of nine thumbnails of the sites most popular that it is possible to rearrange envy by moving, pinning or removing very simply as Opera which proposes this time and chromium more recently.

The activation of the SPDY Protocol on the sites the support to expedite the loading and soft scrolling are now enabled by default. Finally we now find a "Reset" button to avoid having to uninstall Firefox for seeds, indeed, by simple pressure on this button, the browser recovers in its original state (profile user cleaned up, additional modules removed, etc.) but leaves the Favorites, passwords and other cookies unchanged.


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