ARM chips in 20nm next year?

The fineness of engraving of the ARM processors should fall to the 20nm to the advance on the future of mobile processors from Intel.

ARM Cortex

Manager General of division among ARM processor, Simon Segars, announced the possible appearance of SoC with 20nm for the next year.

While fleas in 28nm start only to democratize, conversion to a fineness of engraving 8nm finer, will require at least one year of development.

The technological constraints are only part of the problem. Intel which made large research and development of its plants not to leave down so easily. The Blues already provide chips Medfield 22nm for 2013 and 2014 14nm.

At this moment at Computex, the ARM processor-based solutions and specifically laptops are more likely to be presented. The British ARM chips therefore are a real success. This trend requires first to foundries such as TSMC to invest more to increase their production capacity, but still we think that such chip with a lithograph to 20 nm is quite feasible for 2013.

For memory, since the beginning of the year, 1.9 million of ARM chips shipped 1.1 million intended to smartphones and tablets. A figure which should not only increase if announcements that we follow for the 2012 Computex in Taiwan.


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