Mario with a portal gun, it gives what?

When a plumber meets a gun to spatio-temporal faults, that's wrong!


Is not yet Friday but it is already anticipated activities that can engage...

We present to you the mari0game, a great mix of the famous Portal and of Super Mario Bross. It is in this crazy idea that mario has now a portal gun. The concept for the least original, Kouchner's a us. Note that the game in question does step out but we did we had never spoken. Its development is constant, it is never too late.

Mari0 which has the merit of being open source, cross-platform (Windows, Linux and OS X) but also free of charge, including the infatuation is such that it has led to more than 1 million downloads, angry birds have only good to keep! Its success is phenomenal, to the point that many players and developers contribute to the progress of the game. Map pack, mods, texture pack and features all kinds... mari0 is extremely complete.

The gameplay, very faithful to mario first name that will delight many fans. The portal gun, essential element of this version, can experience some difficulty or reluctance to use it at the beginning. Quickly, we realize that this Nintendo-Valve marriage produced a game in which the possibilities are quasi-infinis. Through some levels, some passages are very fun to play again. Corners in which you would have never imagined access, are now. In short, it is to test.

The excellent news is that an online multiplayer mode, is under development. Two characters in the field, such as Portal 2, adventure could book of beautiful surprises.


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