3 additional games for the Humble Indie Bundle pack

The fifth operation Humble Indie Bundle sounds, 5 games tell you? No, there are 8!


We had not passed the information early in the week, the famous Humble Indie Bundle is on the front of the stage. This fifth edition of the pack which began on 31 May and which will end on Thursday 14 June broke all records. 24 hours after its release, $ 2 million will be collected. The purpose of the operation is to promote independent games, without DRM, multiplatform and free price. It is indeed for the user to choose how he will pay for this pack. The collected money is then shared to developers, to charities and Humble Tip, the initiator of the project.

Back in the title and three new games in the Humble Bundle. Include Amnesia: The Dark Descent, LIMBO, Psychonauts, Sword & Sworcery EP which are now added (if you pay above average) Bastion, then three new: Lone Survivor, Braid and Super Meat Boy, for a total of 8 quality games.

If you have already purchased the pack, you can download these last three games via the URL provided in your receipt. Currently, it is the famous Notch programmer who has been of the most generous in offering $ 9 999, 99.


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