A brush for cooling the CPU

Warm Tek offers an exotic cooling for CPU, between a brush Strip and a bouquet of fiber...

warm-tek-Blonde-Hedgehog-C120-004How better to cool their processor with air? Apart from the conventional heatpipe with heat pipes copper for some covered with nickel leading the heat to many fins often aluminium, there is not much other to do. That often the vanes are used support for affix a fan or even two in some cases to evacuate heat which is housed between the vanes of the heatpipe.

The solution of Warm Tek is different. The image of a beautiful brush Strip as some say, the heatpipe is in the form of a bouquet of small copper rods that are connected together at the base to form a copper plate to capture the heat from the processor. All small ultra slim model named Baby Hedgehog for processors to the appetite of bird, to the largest with the Blonde Hedgehog C120name, the manufacturer has also adapted the system for fixing the fan on top to push the warm air down.

warm-tek-Baby-Hedgehog-001   warm-tek-Blonde-Hedgehog-C120-001   warm-tek-Blonde-Hedgehog-C120-002   warm-tek-Blonde-Hedgehog-C120-003

The small template dimensions are 9 cm for 3 cm high without ventilation, the large model is 14 cm for 9 cm in height with a fan of 12 cm in diameter, a sort of inverted Bowl set on copper rod. It was not question of prices for the moment, surely waiting to see the reaction of the public to this exotic type of heatpipe.


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