The micro ATX under FM2 signed ASRock

While the new "Trinity" of AMD APU is not yet out, ASRock unveils two socket FM2 models.

With the next "Trinity" of AMD APU to come out shortly, ASrock prepares and shows two new motherboards with an FM2 socket on board. Micro ATX format both, we have therefore the FM2A75 Pro4-M and FM2A75M-DGS.

The first do a little more components that the second with for example six floors of the APU feed covered a heatsink to cool and must be powered by an additional 8 - pin connector. To the side of the APU, the FM2A75 Pro4-M has four banks in DDR3 memory in DIMM format for a total of 32 GB of RAM up to a frequency of 2400 MHz mode OC. Directly wired to the installed APU, there are also two ports PCI-e 2.0 x 16 which the second is wired electrically in x 4 which is however connected to the South Bridge also another PCI-e x 1 port and a conventional PCI port. In terms of connectors, this map is not at rest and offers five SATA III ports, an eSATA III, four ports USB 3.0, ten USB 2.0 ports, port multiple video outputs as the HDMI, the DVI and VGA, but also output its eight channels that support the THX TruStudio Pro and finally, a Gigabit Ethernet port.

ASROCK_FM2A75M-DGS_001           ASROCK_FM2A75_Pro4-M-001

Photo credit: TechPowerUp

I turn to the second motherboard by ASRock, FM2A75M-DGS that is a little less well provided, but allows the firm to indicate that the card will be much more competitive than those of its competitors at a lower price while providing a little more. Look more closely what ASRock pasted on the PCB of this motherboard. With four floors of simple food and a 4-pin power connector, this map is not made for of it, we were warned. APU will draw in two banks memory DDR3 DIMM format which support similarly 2400 MHz. Below, we have a port PCI-Express 2.0 x 16 wired to the APU, another port PCI-e x 1 and a conventional PCI port connected to the South Bridge A75. ASRock removes the version pro eSATA port and replaces it with SATA III ports for a total of six ports for storage. For connectors, although four ports USB 3.0 with two on the Panel back we are accompanied by a Dual-Link DVI port and a VGA port and output its six channels, a RJ45 Gigabit port, a printer - remember... - LPT port, and port COM RS232.

These two boards will surely be part of the first to be sold in the official of the Trinity of AMD APU release, but we were not aware of the price that will apply to these two models.


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