Dark Souls on PC: as a good smell of scam!

You you were kept a week in August to quietly take advantage of Dark Souls on PC? A Board: cancel! Last echoes from the E3 seem particularly bad omen.

Daisuke Uchiyama.JPGIn an interview to the website Eurogamer, Daisuke Uchiyama, producer of Dark Souls, is on the strategic choices that have guided the development of the PC version of the game. And to say the least, that this is not reassuring for us.

Not content to highlight the lack of experience of its team, which would have underestimated the difficulty of a transfer of support, Daisuke announces that this famous PC version will have no particular optimization. A fairly alarming statement when he is remembered for the problems of frame rate faced by the console players.

Further, believing to do his mea culpa, it descends again, explaining that the Japanese studios do not know much in the field of PC games, and that it would have been difficult to take the specificities of the market into account. In fact, the only priority that appears to emerge from this interview, was the need to leave the title when required, August 21. We, our priority will be to put you in custody: Dark Souls more closer and a botched, portage will be even not worth the DVD on which it will be engraved. Joy...


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