Cloud gaming to discover TERA (or vice versa)

Video game players are more and more to try cloud gaming. Last, the EnMasse Entertainment Editor, responsible for the distribution of the MMORPG TERA in North America.

TERA GaikaiLittle by little, the company Gaikai is to carve out a share of choice in videogame content distribution via so-called "cloud" technologies, multiplying partnerships with the leading names of the Edition. Thus, early March, the firm formalized an agreement to broadcast streaming of two MMORPG of Warner, Lords of the Ring Online, and & Dungeons Dragons Online catalogue. Prior to this, several market players had used its services available to the public of the playable demo, Electronic Arts FIFA 12, or CD Projekt for The Witcher 2.

Today, it is with the American publisher EnMasse Entertainment that Gaikai associated itself, to provide a playable demo of TERA, a MMORPG which you can find the test here. In the program, 30 minutes of gameplay, at the controls of a level 20 character, which should allow the curious to notice mouse in hand on this title very-oriented action.

On a technical level, the image appears obviously very compressed, but the sequence in rest no less fun to browse, especially as it will require no download, if this is a small update your Java environment.

As the direct competitor, Onlive, but pioneer in the market, it seems to lose ground. Even though it has just announced a partnership with LG at E3, its services are still available only in the United States and the United Kingdoms, and playable demo system still lacks the appeal.


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